December 11, 2006

EL405 Final 'folio

Writing for the Internet was my favorite course at Seton Hill. Was.

This semester has been full of challenges and fast-paced learning in New Media Projects, and I loved it. Inform 7 and Hammer were my favorite programs, with Blender in a close tie for second. I had a bit of trouble with The Games Factory two, and Flash, but I still learned some basics and accquired new skills.

This course was also somewhat of an expiriment for Dr. Jerz as well, and I'd say it's been a great success. The only program I would have liked to spend more time in was Flash. I'm sad to see this course end since it was enriched with learning and fun; we had a blast as a class learning from one another and playing each other's games.

Here is my final collection of blog entries:

Project II, second guesses: Leslie and I decided for our final project we would expand each others Catholic Social Teaching games. The end result is a success for both of us.

Blender3d and the Village People: My reflection on working with the free design software, Blender3d. As a class we maniplulated a character to dance the YMCA. Mine even sung along.

You'll never hit your thumb with this hammer: My reflection on working with Hammer, Valve Software's 3D room design tool for Half-Life 2. This entry sparked a discussion about The Sims.

Playing with frustration: My attempt to help Lori fix the coding in her final project. As always, Dr. Jerz pulled through.

EL405: Project II Final: My re-vamped version of Leslie's CTS game, A Night Out with Owlie.


All of my entries above sparked a discussion. I've been blogging in a more timely manner this semester, and for fun as well. I check the blogosphere at least once a day now. Sometimes I find myself logging on to the main page with intentions of logging into my blog, and wind up reading instead of writing. Then I click out of the main page and say, "Wait! I wanted to blog something myself."

Here are some comments I left to my peers...

Leslie on her project II progress.

I was the first to leave a comment on Amanda's progress with her Flash CTS presentation.


Intership advice from my family experts.

TGI'm not working on Black Friday.

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