December 11, 2006

EL405: FInal Project- Interactive Fiction...the meaning of life

My project is finally complete, and I'm super excited about the things I've added.

I'm not sure how many words, rooms, or things the game previously had...but this is what the final product reads:

I previously stated I would like to add more objects and fix some of the coding in Leslie's game. I fixed the coding with the berries so they can be given to a character later in the game. I also moved a few objects and characters around in the game. When gameplay starts, you see smoke coming from a clearing, but the smoke never materialized into anything. I added a burning pile of timber, which can be seen in that screen shot. It's an object in the game that allows players to interact with the herd of elephants I also added to the game.

Other things I added were a nest (the main character is an owl) which serves as a clue to the game's end, and a piece of paper floating in the river (won't give away what that does).

I don't think there are any coding errors in the game. I tried very hard to fix my common errors. I made sure I fixed things in place, removed things from play when the intended actions with the objects were completed, and made the game understand multiple words for many actions.

I didn't make instances of Catholic social teaching skills more obvious like I originally wanted to, because as I was coding, I realized that was part of what was special about her game. I simply added more opportunities for the Owlie the owl to help people in need.

Here's the code, you need Inform7 to play. It's free to download.

A Night Out with Owlie (CTS) code

Posted by StormyKnight at December 11, 2006 3:19 PM

I loved your ideas and additions to the game. It was nice to be able to play it with you right there tonight. Dude you are tats!

Posted by: Leslie Rodriguez at December 13, 2006 5:54 AM
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