January 18, 2004

Yellow Wallpaper and hidden meanings

After reading the first story of the semester, The Yellow Wallpaper, I wasn't quite sure how to think especially while reading in class. At first I was a bit confused. I couldn't understand how a woman could just be confined to a room like a caged animal.
At the end I was a little surpised, I kind of felt that the lady in the wallpaper was indeed the lady who was confined to this ugly wallpapered room. I think this because this showed how she felt trapped and the only way out was to sneak and lurk. She finally escaped by tearing the wallpaper down.
This was an ok story, I truely believe that there were many hidden meanings, but maybe that's just me.

I also wanted to state, I am really glad that Dr. Jerz is making us read As You Like it next semester before watching the theater majors put it on. Last year in one of my classes we read A Doll's House before seeing the play. It really does give you a whole different perspective, because you see the stage directions and visuallized it in your mind, its just a neat thing to actually see it come to life, right before your eyes whether its the way you thought it would be or not. Thanks Dr. Jerz :-)

Posted by SueMyers at January 18, 2004 10:48 PM