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50 word story

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Looking at Dr. Arnzen's artical and interview about flash-fiction interested me. I thought it was really neat, and actually a little restricted only because you are limited to 50 words.
Anyways, here is my first try at a 50 word story, flash fiction, whatever you want to call it.

Locking eyes across the room. Diving into deep brown pools, she floated towards him. "Hi" he said, his lips parted with a smile. With a wink he walked away. Unable to catch her breath. World a spinning. In a dead faint on the floor, a smile gently caressed her lips.

Bernice Bobs Her Hair

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Tonight I actually sat down and really read this story and found that I liked it. I also found the ending funny. In the end Marjorie deserved what she got in the end, she was asking for it.
Yeah, maybe Bernice was cowardly in the end, but can you blame her? I wouldn't have wanted to be around either when Marjorie woke up. I'm sure Bernice had a good laugh on the train though.
I thought it was good to some point that Marjorie helped Bernice, especially when it came to guys. Personally I am terrible around guys, I get nervous and don't know what to say, like Bernice I would have greatly taken advice from someone who was more "experienced". It was wrong though that Marjorie took advantage of her cousin.
I kind of wish we could have read further and found out how Marjorie reacted and maybe what she did, after probably throwing a fit, also it would have been fun reading about Warren's reaction to the braids on the porch. Oh well, anyways it was a very interesting story indeed!

Pro-Life Girl

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This past thursday I spent the entire day in Washington DC participating in the March for Life.
Eleven of us left here at 5 in the morning to go to travel with a bus load of people from St. Vincent. After traveling for several hours, we managed to get lost, but fortunatly managed to get to D.C. on time. In order to get to the spot where the march would begin I had my very first ride on the metro. Quite exciting, aside from the gental rocking, it didn't seem like we were moving at all.
As we arrived near the capital I was awe over how many people were there. Not only that, I was surprised to see so many colleges there. There are so many girls that I know that are pro-choice, they would have an abortion at the drop of a hat.
During the march people did cheers:
like one group of girls : what do we want - Babies!!
how do we want them - Alive!!!
Many people were holding all kinds of different signs. My friend Carmen held a sign in which said Life is Precious with a picture of Gollum on it.
It was amazing looking ahead of our group and behind the group and seeing an endless sea of people.
After walking a mile and becoming totally numb do to the cold we ran for the bus. What was great about the ride back was that people actually brought movies along for entertainment. It made the hours fly by so much faster.
After getting back here at school after 11 I fell exausted into bed, having been up since 3 in the morning.
Even though I missed classes (something I never do), I'm glad I got to go. It was cool to be out there with all of the other pro-lifers standing up for something I believe in.

A Broken Heart

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Hey all, this is something that I started writing back awhile ago. It's not totally finished with it Once in awhile I will sit and try to write a poem, especially when I a m sad, so here goes some effort to my poetry.

A Broken Heart
My heart's shattered pieces;
Fall into my hand.
I watch in horror;
As they begin to bleed.
Blood pools around my feet;
My heart was once filled with joy.
Just to hear him speak;
Sent it into a flutter

If you are reading this, tell me what you think, just don't be too harsh. Writing creative stories is more my thing :-)
Here are a few of my favorite poets, Emily Dickenson, Longfellow, Robert Frost
Read and Enjoy! :-)

Man, do I feel dumb, some how I managed to put my new entry in the nmj site, oh well, at least i'm laughing at myself and my dumb mistakes, well, have fun reading both sites. I think I will go hide for awhile now. ;-)

After reading the first story of the semester, The Yellow Wallpaper, I wasn't quite sure how to think especially while reading in class. At first I was a bit confused. I couldn't understand how a woman could just be confined to a room like a caged animal.
At the end I was a little surpised, I kind of felt that the lady in the wallpaper was indeed the lady who was confined to this ugly wallpapered room. I think this because this showed how she felt trapped and the only way out was to sneak and lurk. She finally escaped by tearing the wallpaper down.
This was an ok story, I truely believe that there were many hidden meanings, but maybe that's just me.

I also wanted to state, I am really glad that Dr. Jerz is making us read As You Like it next semester before watching the theater majors put it on. Last year in one of my classes we read A Doll's House before seeing the play. It really does give you a whole different perspective, because you see the stage directions and visuallized it in your mind, its just a neat thing to actually see it come to life, right before your eyes whether its the way you thought it would be or not. Thanks Dr. Jerz :-)


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Considering that this is the first time that I have ever bloged before, it was nice hearing Julie talk about it. I know that there are a lot of things that I am going to have to learn. I don't know about the other newbies, but I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Jerz and Julie made it a point to make sure that we knew somewhat of the ins and outs.
I am very grate for Julie and her time and help. So, if you are reading this Julie, You Rock!! :)
you inspired me to do a great job :)

My first blog

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Hey everyone, this is my first day into the wonderful world of blogging :) I am truly excited, I am looking forward to talking with everyone and getting to know thoughs of you who I don't know very well. Well, until next time, tootlles :)

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