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Looking at Dr. Arnzen's artical and interview about flash-fiction interested me. I thought it was really neat, and actually a little restricted only because you are limited to 50 words.
Anyways, here is my first try at a 50 word story, flash fiction, whatever you want to call it.

Locking eyes across the room. Diving into deep brown pools, she floated towards him. "Hi" he said, his lips parted with a smile. With a wink he walked away. Unable to catch her breath. World a spinning. In a dead faint on the floor, a smile gently caressed her lips.



Tiffany said:

Ok. I could have sworn I posted a response to this when it first was put out on the web, but apparently something went wrong so here goes.

First of all I love the new colors. Much easier to read and they go well with your title....

Secondly...while reading your short story I could feel myself being pulled into that girl's heart as the gentlemen said hello. I have felt that way myself on many occasions and by the content of quite a few entries you can tell that I am just another hopeless romantic.

Thirdly...Don't worry if you don't get a new blog up for a couple of days. I just today posted three. Until today, though I hadn't posted anything for about a week. Sometimes you can just write and write and it all sounds good. (Kinda like now.)

Thanks for visiting me!


Firefighter Chica said:

I really enjoyed your 50 word fiction piece. I absolutely love anything that deals or revolves around romance. I like how I can imagine this scene in my head. I think maybe in the past this has happened to me. Good job Sue, I really enjoyed it.

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