Bernice Bobs Her Hair

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Tonight I actually sat down and really read this story and found that I liked it. I also found the ending funny. In the end Marjorie deserved what she got in the end, she was asking for it.
Yeah, maybe Bernice was cowardly in the end, but can you blame her? I wouldn't have wanted to be around either when Marjorie woke up. I'm sure Bernice had a good laugh on the train though.
I thought it was good to some point that Marjorie helped Bernice, especially when it came to guys. Personally I am terrible around guys, I get nervous and don't know what to say, like Bernice I would have greatly taken advice from someone who was more "experienced". It was wrong though that Marjorie took advantage of her cousin.
I kind of wish we could have read further and found out how Marjorie reacted and maybe what she did, after probably throwing a fit, also it would have been fun reading about Warren's reaction to the braids on the porch. Oh well, anyways it was a very interesting story indeed!


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