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Valentine's Day

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Okay, so I haven't written (blogged) in a long time. Half the time I'm not even sure what to write, but today I got to thinking about my valentine's day.
My day was ok, considering I hate valentine's day, always have and probably always will (or at least until I have a valentine/sweetheart-whatever you want to call it), but anyways, my Valentine's Day was ok. It was started out by a nice brunch with a friend and then I went on the mall and movies trip with friends. We saw 50 First Dates by the way, and I totally recomend it, I really loved it.
Afterwards, my friends and I ate dinner together and then I went to another friend's room and watched inuyasha (japanese anime) for the evening. That was a good way to end the day, considering that I just totally love that show and can't get enough of it. Yes, I lead a pretty sad life. I am entertained by japanese anime. Maybe sometime I will write a big article about it, hmmm, thats a good idea.
Basically my point was, it was nice spending this day with my friends even though I don't have a sweetheart. I really appreciated the fact that Tiff wrote about how Valentine's day really came about. I don't like that it was turned into a big commericalized thing only for lovers, when in reality it was made for friends :)
Okay, thats enough babbling for now. I hope no one minds my mind wonderings.

A Shiny Red Bike

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Here is a story I wrote last semester for my creative women writers class. I wanted to put it in extended entry but couldn't figure how to do it, and for some reason when I tried it, the blog wouldn't let me do it.

The Shiny Red Bike by Me
“Ladies and gentlemen it looks like the war is going to be over soon. Don’t forget on this beautiful day in 1944 that our gas is being rationed.” The radio announcer warbled.
James walked into the kitchen carrying a bucket of vegetables and placed then next to his sister Elizabeth, who was helping to prepare dinner.
“Mom, will we get to go for a ride any time soon?” Elizabeth said, looking across the table to her mother.
“I know how to fix that problem. I’m going to buy myself a bicycle.” James quickly intercepted.
“And where and how exactly are you going to get this bike James.” Elizabeth looked smugly at her brother.
“Well, just so you know I saw a great looking bike in town for sale for only seven dollars. I plan on maybe asking the neighbor if I can do some work for him.” James answered.
“Oh!” Was all Elizabeth had to say.
“James, I’m proud of you. I’m sure, Farmer John will be grateful for your help.” Their mother said, smiling at her son.
“Thanks mom! I think I am going to go over and see him right now.” James shouted as he ran for the door.
James raced over to the farm next door. He quickly told the busy farmer his intentions. They decided that he would mow the lawn, feed the chickens, take care of the pigs, lead the cows to and from the pasture in the mornings and evenings, and muck all of the stalls. He would receive one dollar for working every two days. He figured it would take him a month or two to make enough money for the bicycle.
For two months James was up every day at five in the morning. Twice a week he would be running to the farm to take the cows out to the pasture. Afterwards he would quickly feed the chickens and then mow the lawn whenever it was needed. He would spend a good deal of time mucking the stalls. It might have been a dirty job, but he knew that he really wanted that bike. Usually he would run home and do whatever chores he needed to do for his mother. Most of the time she had him mow their own lawn or work in the vegetable garden.
At the end of the two months he finally held the seven dollars in his hands. When he went to his parents, they drove him into town, since it was a special occasion to buy his bicycle. When he walked into the store he spotted the red bicycle he had been eyeing two months before.
“Dad, this is the one I want!” he said, walking over to the bike, sliding his hand across the smooth handlebars.
“Alright son, I’ll carry it out, you go ahead up front and pay for it.” His dad answered.
He quickly paid for the bicycle he had been longing for, for so long. As soon as he arrived home, he jumped on his bike and quickly peddled away, but not before his mother could holler after him.
“Don’t forget to be back to do your chores before supper.”
He raced down the road, pumping his legs as fast as he could. The warm air rushed past him as he coasted down a hill. He had to go show his friends his new bike. Riding down to creek where most of his friends met to play, he spotted a few of the guys splashing around by the waters edge.
“Hey guys, check this out!” he shouted to his friends. His friends watched as he cycled towards them doing circles and figure eights.
“Neat-o!” One of the boys yelled.
He showed off his bike for a few more minutes. His friends admired the fact that he bought it with his own money. For the rest of the afternoon they took turns riding his bike and playing in the creek. When the sun began to go down, James knew it was time to go home. He waved goodbye to his friends and rode home as quickly as possible. Upon walking into the house, he ran into his sister Elizabeth.
“Hey James, can I see your bike?” She asked
“Um…maybe tomorrow. I have to go do my chores now.” He left abruptly, hoping she wouldn’t continue to bug him about his bike.
As the evening wore on, James made himself busy whenever his sister was around. He was finally able to get away from her by going to bed. In the morning, he got up early, continuing his work for Farmer John. After he had lead the cows to pasture and had been working in his mothers garden for a while his sister once again approached him.
“Hey James, can I ride your bike. Come on, pretty please! I’ll do your chores for a week!”
“No, stop bugging me about it. Go ride your own bike.” He headed for the outhouse, any kind of escape would do. She followed him, still trying to get a chance to ride the new flashy red bike.
“Well, then I’m just going to go get it out of the shed. I’m not going to hurt your precious bike.” She moved away from him, heading towards the shed. Before she should go to far her foot clucked against the galvanized bucket that they used as the toilet during the night, when they didn’t want to run out to the outhouse. Picking up the now dry bucket she turned and looked at her brother.
“You’ll do no such thing.” He started to run towards her.
“If you take one step closer I’m going to throw this bucket over your head.” She shouted.
“Oh yeah, you wouldn’t dare.” He dared to take one step closer.
As he took the one step closer she quickly flung the bucket over his head and took off running towards the house, which was only a few yards away. Behind her James grew angrier. As he tried to yank the bucket over his head the handle got caught on his chin. By the time he got the bucket off of his head, Elizabeth was already inside of the house. He ran after her, anger burned in his eyes. Their mother, just happening to see the end of what had just happen advised Elizabeth to lock the doors, she had seen the anger in James’s eyes.
As he pounded on the locked door his mother hollered through the window to him.
“James you need to calm down. I will not allow you back into this house until you have calmed down.” She turned to a frightened Elizabeth. “You shouldn’t get your brother so upset. I was really afraid he might have hurt you. You should not have been behaving the way you were. I think maybe you need to go do a little thinking too,” She said, sending her daughter off to another part of the house.
In the meantime, James had stormily walked to the shed and pulled his bike out and took off. He took a winding dirt path. Once he was a good distance away, his anger began to fade away. On the way back home, he realized that he should apologize to his sister for being so angry, but he hoped that she would have an apology for him as well. After placing the bike back in the shed again, she went to the house and found it to be no longer locked. When he walked in, he found his mom first.
“Sorry for the way I acted mom.” He approached her.
“It’s ok hon, just don’t let your anger get the best of you like that next time.” She smiled and then gave her son a hug.
Just as he turned to go look for Elizabeth, she came walking around the corner.
“Oh, you are back. Sorry about bugging you about the bicycle so much. You were right, it is your bike, so you can do whatever you want with it. But I still would like to have a chance to ride around on it. I just won’t bug you about it anymore. Ok?” she smiled at her brother.
“Yeah, you are right. Sorry about the way I acted. Want to go play a game? Maybe I will let you ride the bike down to the creek later.” He replied.
They hurried off to look for their brother Richard, to see if he wanted to go play with them at the creek. Finding their brother, who was eager to join them, they moseyed down to play at the creek as if nothing had ever happened.

The Fight

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Here goes my first attempt at posting my very very very rough draft of the creative piece for Intro to Lit.
During my time of being awake all night, I came across some Norman Rockwell Paintings (Which I absolutly love) and I was totally inspired by this one particular picture. It made me think of a girl who gave me quite a hard time growing up, from elementary school to high school. She never beat me up or anything, but when I wrote this I kind of thought of her. Anyways, here it is. I called it The Fight!!!

As a special treat for one of the last days of school all of the sixth graders were given permission to sit out on the school lawn to eat their meal. Under the old oak tree, in the cool shade Daphne nervously twirled a long strand of auburn hair around a finger.
“Would you stop worrying, I don’t think she is even here. Plus school is almost over, I don’t think she would try anything now, and besides you already bought your lunch,” Chelsea said, gently patting her best friend on the knee
“That’s pretty easy for you to say,” Daphne replied, giving her friend a stony glare, her lips pressed into a straight line.
Judith Montgomery had been her worst nightmare since pre-school. She could clearly remember Judith joyfully ripping dolls and coloring books from her hands. There were many times when the big bully pushed her over, doing anything and everything to make her cry. As they grew older the tormentor turned to stealing lunch money. She was threatened into never telling her parents or teachers about the money. Her friends were always willing to share their lunches.
“Oh no! Don’t look now, but here she comes. You even said she wasn’t here today Chelsea,” groaned Lavender. Glancing around nervously she was prepared to flee at any moment.
A hawking figure from the distance moved toward them.

I would really appreciate any kind of critique or comments. I know it is very rough. Any kind of comment would be great :-)

I think I might post another story on here as well, getting a little braver each day.

Writers Block

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I'm sitting here at my computer, practically banging my head against my keyboard trying to come up with a short story, or at least a short story due yesterday after noon. Lately I have been struggling to write, but nothing is coming together. Last semester Dr.Lynn told me I need to write about things I know, or experiences that have happend in my life. First of all, I lead a pretty boring life and I just cannot come up with stories that I did when I was little, happy or sad.
At first I contemplated, hmmmm, maybe I could write a story about how a couple of friends and I went ice skating our sophmore year of high school, and maybe tweek it a little. Maybe turn an ordinary outing to the ice rink into some romance by adding a couple guys into the picture. I even had it all worked out in my head. Then when I sat at my desk, first my mind went blank, then I just figured it just wouldn't work.
After that first idea, I thought maybe I would write some kind of story, which I am working on as of late (literally) about how I broke my arm while horseback riding two summers ago, and how I managed to gain enough confidence again to start riding again (actually I just started taking lessons, and I'm loving it, once in awhile I get really scared). My brain is still screaming NOOOOO!!!! at me. So I am planning to sit here and do an all nighter until I get this thing done, plus other homework. Maybe I should go take a break for awhile and do my Spanish homework, which I probably won't understand anyways.

Also, totally off topic, but why is that people feel that they need to brag to everyone (especially to friends who have no love life what so ever) about how many guys or girls are practically falling all over them. A good friend of mine braggingly(is that even a word?) told me how she is going to get all kinds of wonderful valentines day presents from guys who aren't even her boyfriend. Maybe I should tell her to tell them to send some love my way, ha! Oh well, just a thought. Now that I have vented a little, I will go off now to try to write at least part of my little short story. I'm kind of glad I'm an Insomniac, I will be able to stay up for a reason tonight!

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