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I'm sitting here at my computer, practically banging my head against my keyboard trying to come up with a short story, or at least a short story due yesterday after noon. Lately I have been struggling to write, but nothing is coming together. Last semester Dr.Lynn told me I need to write about things I know, or experiences that have happend in my life. First of all, I lead a pretty boring life and I just cannot come up with stories that I did when I was little, happy or sad.
At first I contemplated, hmmmm, maybe I could write a story about how a couple of friends and I went ice skating our sophmore year of high school, and maybe tweek it a little. Maybe turn an ordinary outing to the ice rink into some romance by adding a couple guys into the picture. I even had it all worked out in my head. Then when I sat at my desk, first my mind went blank, then I just figured it just wouldn't work.
After that first idea, I thought maybe I would write some kind of story, which I am working on as of late (literally) about how I broke my arm while horseback riding two summers ago, and how I managed to gain enough confidence again to start riding again (actually I just started taking lessons, and I'm loving it, once in awhile I get really scared). My brain is still screaming NOOOOO!!!! at me. So I am planning to sit here and do an all nighter until I get this thing done, plus other homework. Maybe I should go take a break for awhile and do my Spanish homework, which I probably won't understand anyways.

Also, totally off topic, but why is that people feel that they need to brag to everyone (especially to friends who have no love life what so ever) about how many guys or girls are practically falling all over them. A good friend of mine braggingly(is that even a word?) told me how she is going to get all kinds of wonderful valentines day presents from guys who aren't even her boyfriend. Maybe I should tell her to tell them to send some love my way, ha! Oh well, just a thought. Now that I have vented a little, I will go off now to try to write at least part of my little short story. I'm kind of glad I'm an Insomniac, I will be able to stay up for a reason tonight!



Rebecca Villano said:

Suzie, you're stressing too much. I find that writing is easier if you sit down and start typing. Don't think about what you're saying, don't worry about grammar, if it doesn't come naturally, that is. Just write. Even if it's a play on words like:

Okay, that wasn't a good play on words, but basically, you type the first thing that comes to your mind after the first word. After you do that, your mind is in the literal mood and you can begin making sense of things. I always find that rhyming words puts me in the writing mood. OR, you could just come up with an outline for a story. I have at least ten outlines and only two active stories. This way, if the one story doesn't apply to now, you can always go back to it and know what you wanted to do with it, ya know?

Example: I have a story idea for Little Red Riding Hood, adult version. I'm sure someone already wrote an adult Red Riding Hood, but mine is gonna be very weird. Like, there's an evil queen, of course, and she has a lesbian slave (the slave isn't gay, but the queen likes making her do things that she doesn't like), when one day the queen overhere's and then easedrops on her husband who's having an affair with the slave. The queen gets pissed and turns him into an imortal wolf so that they couldn't be together, but since their love was so true, the slave girl still hung around the wolf, petting him and such. This pisses the queen off further and locks the slave in a single room and corrupts her husband (still in wolf form) and makes him rape the slave girl, killing her with his wolf passion. When she dies, the spell is lifted and he can realize what happened. Crushed, he goes to attack the queen, but can't harm her since she's the one who casted the spell.

That's just the basics. I just like it. I thought it up when I was 11. I actually had a rough draft once, but my mom ripped it up. I cried. It sucked. Oh well. I ramble. Laters.

Rebecca, I don't think I could try topping that for an inspirational anecdote about the writing process. Sue, I got your paper under my door this morning, so your work was not in vain!

One way to encourage more people to visit your blog is not only to comment on their posts, but create your own posts that respond to things that you read elsewhere. For instance, you might try to collect links all the blogs written by people who had trouble with writer's block, and then post a few links to websites that you feel help with writer's block. Then on NMJ, you could post a "Hey, does anyone else suffer from writer's block" post, and invite people to visit your blog and leave their suggestions for tips or links.

Sue said:

Thanks Dr.Jerz for the tip, I am going to try that :-)

Karissa said:

Sue, I enjoyed reading your writing and listening to what you had to say all last semester in CWW. I know that you can think up some awesome stories :^) Don't necessarily think of Dr. Lynn's advice to write about what you know as only things that have happened to you. Think of it as your own platform--you could use things like your ethnic background, religion, gender, race, time you've grown up in, school experiences, and a myriad of other things to get you started. You don't have to use exact things that happened to you like breaking your arm horseback riding, but maybe you know a lot about horses; you could put horses into your story! If an author writes about things she doesn't know a whole lot about, it's obvious to a reader that DOES know about the topic. So, if you write about calculus, maybe it's good to be able to intelligently refer to things associated with calculus (that's just an example).

Use your own life's story to inspire a story about characters you don't know yet. Get to know those characters by writing about them (use those tips Dr. Jerz had us read!). I know you can write, Sue :^)

It also helps to be a good listener. When I took a creative writing course in college, I drew on some experiences I was having at the time.. a dear high school friend spent some time in a hospital near my college, so I spent a few weeks visiting her every couple of days. I got to know some of the other (younger) patients, and later wrote a short story that used some of what I heard and learned... and the professor asked if I was drawing on personal experience. Another guy in the same class wrote a story that featured skydiving, and when someone asked him how long he had been skydiving, he laughed and said he's never done it -- he researched just enough detail to make it believable, and since the whole story wasn't about skydiving, that was all he needed.

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