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It's so hard to say goodbye,
Tears threaten to escape my eyes.
One last hug,
Heart to heart.
To savor the memories,
I'll hold on tight.
I'll try not to cry,
And hold my head high.
I know we will see each other again,
Though it might not be tomorrow.
By: Me

Ok, this poem isn't totally finished, I'm a little stuck, but it was something that I needed to get out. I have some great friends will no longer be here after this semester whether they are graduated or transfering or leaving because of situations. I wish I didn't have to say goodbye. Yeah, we will probably keep in touch via e-mail or snail mail, but I don't know if we will ever see each other again. Just the other day I found a little quote while I was on-line, I don't know who wrote it, I just want to clairify that I did not write it, it was by someone else, here it is:

Don't be dismayed by goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before we meet again, after moments or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends.

Also another little thing, a friend said to me back awhile ago, well she was telling me about her and another friends and she said, we aren't saying goodbye, we are saying see you later.

Ok, I just wanted to say my little thing. I feel a little bit better now.

Ode to Ramen Noodles

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Swirling, Curling, flavored noodles;
boiling over the stove.
It's 3:00, I'm still awake,
I'm hungry yet again.
Three minutes is too long to wait!
my stomach cries in vain.
Mesmerized by the long noodles,
sliding into my bowl.
Slurping up each noodle,
I sigh in content and smile.
Pondering which flavor will be next,
maybe chicken, maybe beef, or maybe even shrimp
Oh those ramen noodles,
what a snack!

Diamond Age

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I was reading Tiff's site and I got to thinking about Diamond Age. I have to agree with her. It's really not that bad of a book.
When I started reading it I was really fasinated by the Lady's Illistrated Primer and Nell herself. Every time I read I am very tempted to skip ahead to her part. I love that even though she comes from a horrible background, she has this wonderful book that is teaching her about things and how to do things and the such.
The other thing that I find really interesting reading about in the book is Miranda. When I was little I always wanted to be an actress. To this day I still have a fasination with acting. One thing that I found really interesting, and I would have to say one of my favorite parts in the book, is that Miranda is the one that is the illistrater for Nell's book. I love how they are tied together.
Besides the fact that finding out how Miranda and Nell are connected, my one of my other most favorite parts is when Miranda tells Nell Dinasaur's story. I anticipate hearing about the rest of the night friends.
Even though I don't find Judge Fang and Hackworth that interesting, I really like how things are starting to tie together. I also think it would be really neat to see if Nell grows up by the end of the book.
Even though this isn't my favorite type of book to read, its always good to read/try everything at least once.

useless blob

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Adopt your own useless blob!

I'm having a go at it, but I'm not sure if it's going to work.


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Standing on the outside,
looking in.
Loneiness seeping,
into my skin.
Trailblazing tears,
roll down my cheeks.
Twisted insides,
I may as well die.
Shamefully wipeing,
away the hurt.
Never accepted,
for who I am.
Standing on the outside,
looking in.


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Yesterday was spring, today is winter, will tomorrow be summer?
I hate this time of year I don't know about the rest of you but this is when I get sick, or least get terrible colds that just won't go away, all because the weather keeps changing so dramatically. So yes, I have a bad cold right now. I am hoping the weather picks a season and stays there for awhile, as long as it isn't winter. :(
They say that March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb. I'm really hoping that it goes out like a lamb because I am so ready for spring.

30 Hour Famine

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This weekend I participated in my very first 30 hour famine. It definatly makes you think. I was so hungry by the end. I can't imagine being hungry all the time.
Not only did I do the 30 hour famine but I also went on the bible study retreat. It was a good weekend, but it was extremely hard. Instead of staying with the rest of the group that were doing the famine I decided to go away. So, while I just sat drank my water and juice which was totally fine, everyone else was eating, constantly snacking. Sometimes it was kind of funny because diffferent people would go on and on about how good something was and then look at me and then catch themselves and appoligize.
I think the last two hours were the worst, because I knew it was soon over and I was so hungry. When the time was up I really thought I was going to eat a lot but I didn't. I wonder why that is? Afterwards I was so excited because I didn't have to miss out on eating smores. It was also nice actually being able to actually eat with everyone in the group instead of just watching them.
Even though it was a good weekend, I think next time I am going to stick with the group that is also doing the famine not only because of the support but also because everyone is not eating, and there really isn't as much pressure.

Mr. John Wright was found dead in his home. A family friend stopped by the home of Wrights and discovered that he had been strangled. A calm Mrs. Wright stated that this had happend sometime during the night, she said that she did not hear or see anything at that time.
Sherrif Peters, Mrs. Peters, and Mr. and Mrs. Hale went to the scene of the crime to investigate. Even though there was a complete search and investigation throughout the whole house, evidence was not found.
At this time the only suspect at this time is Mrs. Wright, but because there has been no evidence towards her commiting the murder she will be set free.

Belated Blank Verse

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I waited too long.
Mine work was only half finished.
Happiness fluttered into thine own breast.
When thee declared to post pone the test.
To be able to finish enlightens mine own soul.
Thine hardest attempt in the future still, I shouldist do my best.

Spring Break

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Yeah, I know its getting a little late to write about spring break. I went to Kentucky (Habitat for Humanity) over break. It was a really great week, yeah there were a few bad moments, but that happens.
Anyways, the 20 of us were split up into three groups to go off and do our own projects in which were assigned to us. I worked with an amazing group. I"m sure everyone felt that way this past week. There was so much wonderful teamwork and camaraderie going on. The first two days we built a ramp for a guy who had cancer. The sad part was that after we built it we found that that this man (he had been in the hospital will we were building) was probably not going to be coming out of the hospital. A lot of us were extremely sad about this and some what disappointed. One thing that I am glad about is that our work didn't go in vain. His parents live in this house as well, and they are getting on in age, so it will be a good use for them.
All 20 of us stayed in a renavated jail, haha, we were in the slammer for the week, quite the experience. There were only three showers in the place and only two actually gave out hot water. Everyday was a race to the showers. It definatly interesting. I think all of us learned to value our own hot showers back at home and school.
One of the best experiences during the week in Kentucky was when we went to this place called Natural Bridge. I was made from wind and rain. It was just an awesome experience. I can't wait to get my pictures developed to experience it all again.
Yeah, what I found very funny is that I managed all week to stay away from injuring myself. We came back last Saturday and I managed to sprain my ankle (hense to why I have been limping around all week.) Yeah, I was with a guy friend of mine, who I happen to like and I fell and felt so dumb. Since we were walking alway to Browlee to watch a movie I had to be all tough and not cry. Next time I fall hopefully nobody will be around for that.
Anyways, I think I have really rambled myself into a long blog. Maybe I should keep it up.

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