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I got to thinking and I thought maybe I would share my pictures from my trip to Lee County Kentucky, Habitat for Humanity trip. I figured it would be nice to show a little of what we did during spring break.

Group picture - habitat crew.jpg
This is the whole Habitat crew, one of the rare times we were all together at the same time. We split up every morning and worked in different places. The group I worked with built a ramp, did some other random things, and helped paint a hous.

Toni - breaking cement step.jpg
My friend Toni is part of the before picture. When we first got to the house, it was just a step made out of cinderblocks. Toni started the process of breaking it apart.

Hammering ramp - chelsie, andrea, me, laurel, scott, herman.jpg
Yay! we finally had the ramp started. In the process Andrea and I both somehow managed to hit our thumbs, ow!

Andrea and Toni - working on the ramp.jpg
We are still building the ramp up! At this point we were almost finished.

Chelsie - bent over hammering ramp.jpg
Sometimes it was crazy how we had to get those nails into the wood. Go Chelsie!

Ramp crew - finished product.jpg
Here is our final product! This crew was wonderful, it was great working with them every day :)

Amber and Ashley - painting.jpg
Amber and Ashley came to the house with us to help us out.

Group habitat - painted on the wall.jpg
Not only did Amber and Ashley help paint the kitchen walls, but they painted our little sign too. Oh yeah, Chelsie designed this, and Amber and Ashley painted it :)

Group shot - natural bridge.jpg
If you ever go to Kentucky, go see natural bridge. It's a great place. I just though I would add a couple fun pictures in here.

Tree stump - carmen, me, and Natalie.jpg
We went to Brea Kentucky, it's a very nice place. Brea College has a beautiful campus down there.

Horse - visit to riding stable.jpg
Ok, I just had to add the horse. We managed to stop by a horse riding stable, unfortunatly we didn't get to ride. Oh well.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed :)



Firefighter Chica said:


I think your pictures are beautiful and I think we all have been through a revelation this week... I have pictures, colors, and animations on my blogging site as well.

Kentucky is so pretty and I never realized how much nice landscape there is. I really never leave Pennsylvania. It was nice to see what everyone accomplished there as well. The horse is so gorgeous too!!

Amanda said:

Looks like you guys had a great time. I would love to do something like that in the future. Were you part of a club affiliated with Habitat? How could I get involved with this?

Sue said:

Amanda, I went to habitat for humanity through campus ministries. Cindy Bowland put signs up at the end of last semester. You can go to her and tell her that you are interested. Look for the sign. :) Or talk to Cindy, I'm sure she would be excited to hear that you are interested. That would be fun if you came. It's a really great experience. You should definatly get involved.:)

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