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Like fellow blogger, Amanda, I spent some time watching movies over break. I love movies, what's better than sitting in the theater, or your own living room and eating some popcorn and drinking soda.

I saw:
Bruce Almighty
Under the Tuscan Sun
Down with Love
Bridget Jone's Diary
Freaky Friday
Alex and Emma

I was really surprised how funny Bruce Almighty was. It really had a good message. Start focusing on others and less of your self.

I was really disappointed when I saw Bridget Jone's Diary. The book was so much better (but that's not much of a surprise there) They left so much out of the movie. They even changed the ending a little. I hate when producers do that. I guess they think it will make the movie more appealing.

I was really impressed with chicago. Especially since all the actors and actresses did all of their own singing and dancing. I think that it's so cool that Katherine Zeta Jones has such an awesome voice for jazz. I love Richard Gere's tap dance. All I can say is that I was extremely impressed.

I love movies :)



Julie Y. said:

Would you believe I haven't seen any of those movies? I need to stop reading all these books and get myself to a movie theater! ;)

Last movie theater movie I've seen: Cheaper by the Dozen.

Last movie seen, overall: Hmm. I think I watched Shrek again on video over Christmas........

Sue, what did you think about the references to journalism in Chicago? I was actually seriously considering showing that video in class...

Amanda said:

Bridget Jones's Diary is in my top ten of movies. I guess I can really relate to her--you know the whole "love her just as she is" thing.

I love movies--I write about them constantly on my blog.

I saw three on your list. I would like to see Down With Love. I read the spoiler for Alex and Emma; it didn't sound that good. Kate Hudson ruins movies; I don't know why they put her in so many.

Blog on, movie buddy.

Hey Sue,

Awesome movie picks, I too am in need to watch more movies myself. Out of the list you posted, I've seen Down with Love, Chicago, and recently Under the Tuscan Sun. Down with Love was interseting and Under the Tuscan Sun inspired me to dream of traveling in Europe. It's really nice!

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