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Long Time, No Blog

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I can't believe that school is over for the summer, I feel like there is work I should be doing. I guess I won't have to worry about that too much longer since I will be taking a class in June. I wish I could take it now and get it over with.

Anyways, I'm glad that everyone seemed to get home ok. I left on Thursday, I had my mom and grandparents pack the van while I took my final. That was great, since we were able to leave right away. It's a four hour drive for me to get home (well, when my granparents drive :P)

I haven't really been up to anything special. I really need a life. All I will be doing this summer is working, going to class, and trying to get my drivers license, my one goal.

I am going to try to blog. I don't have the internet at my house (I'm actually at my aunt and uncles house, using an old computer and dialing up :(, oh welll)

Hopefully I will have some really fun and interesting things to tell everyone :)

As many of you have already stated, I am stressed out about this week. I want to hand in my projects and get my finals over with. Right now I am not even sure what to do about the stress, I just kind of keep it to myself and stay quiet so no one thinks I am complaining.

I am really looking forward to Wednesday, I will be going horseback riding with the rest of the equestrian team. Even though I'm a little scared considering that I broke my arm while horseback riding two summers ago, and I have never gone trail riding before. I am just hopping that it's going to be a good ride and a beautiful day. Last summer while learning how to ride, I found that horseback riding is one of my pick me ups and stress relievers. I usually try to have lessions at the end of the week so that if I had a crappy week I will be able to feel better by riding. Seriously, you all should try it sometime. I usually feel so much better. There is just something about being around horses. Something about them is so good for healing and growth. Not to mislead anyone, it can be frustrating at times too, considering that horses have a mind of their own and don't always want to do what they are asked. Either way I still love it. I am definatly going to live in the country someday and own a horse, then I can ride whenever I want :)


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