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I can't believe that school is over for the summer, I feel like there is work I should be doing. I guess I won't have to worry about that too much longer since I will be taking a class in June. I wish I could take it now and get it over with.

Anyways, I'm glad that everyone seemed to get home ok. I left on Thursday, I had my mom and grandparents pack the van while I took my final. That was great, since we were able to leave right away. It's a four hour drive for me to get home (well, when my granparents drive :P)

I haven't really been up to anything special. I really need a life. All I will be doing this summer is working, going to class, and trying to get my drivers license, my one goal.

I am going to try to blog. I don't have the internet at my house (I'm actually at my aunt and uncles house, using an old computer and dialing up :(, oh welll)

Hopefully I will have some really fun and interesting things to tell everyone :)



Good luck on the driving. I failed my first driver's test. I wanted to drive to the DMV, but my mother wouldn't let me. She parked kind of funny, right next to a curb, with her wheels turned funny. When I started to back out of the space, I bumped over the curb. I failed the test before I even got out of the parking space. That was a Friday, and I'd told all my friends I was going to be able to drive that weekend. I couldn't retake it until Monday. That was a lonely weekend, though nobody knew the reason I didn't go out. Until now, that is. Anyway, good luck!

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