Beach Baby in the Hurricane

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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in forever. I lead a very boring life, and most things weren't worth blogging. I finally encountered an experience worth blogging about, unfortunatly it was my vacation that was supposed to be at the beach last week.

What was to be my fabulous vaction turned into a big disappointment due to stupid hurricane charley. A friend and I went down to Myrtle Beach last thursday and had to leave 24 hours later. It was awful. The worst part was that I had never been to Myrtle Beach before. We didn't even get to do anything. It was even too ugly to go hang out on the beach.
One positive thing was that fortunatly after driving all night long to get to virgina, getting out of harms way we went to Kings Dominion. It was actually pretty fun. Another good thing was that I got sick in Virgina (that's not the good part) My feelings were that at least it was in Virgina and not at the Beach. I might have to post our old fasion photo that we did. Unfortunatly since I'm not at school I can't use my scanner (I have to use my aunt and uncles computer while I am at home.)
After my friend and I had the worst luck ever, I don't think I will ever think of hurricanes or going to the beach the same way again. Has anyone else ever been evacuated from the beach before? If I go next year I am definatly going to request cancelling the trip before taking any chances. Does anyone else have any interesting stories to share, I would really like to hear them :)



I went to King's Dominion as a kid with my family and as teen with friends. Lots of fun.

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