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The Adding Machine

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Being a play I read through this story pretty quickly, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. It was different, especially in the end when Zero has to start all over again.

To start with I have to say that I kind of felt sorry for Mr. Zero, it would be awful to be told "your fired" by a company that you have worked hard for, for 25 years. I could understand his anger but not his reasoning to kill the boss. There had to be better ways to fight the system. In todays world if that would have happend, somebody would have been taken to court.

I also found it quite funny that Mr.Zero seemed to find his "true love". He could have spent a happy eternity together. Because he wasn't happy unless he was working with numbers, he got screwed over in the end by having to go and start over again on his already low on the totum pole status.

One thing that I kept wondering about, was how did Mr. Zero die? Maybe I missed it. I know the jury convited him of being guilty but I don't think the judge gave him a death sentence, or did he?

A Jury, A Trial, A Fate

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Reading this story for the second time helps to see the things you didn't catch before.

I find it so interesting that the men underminded the women, yet the women were the ones to figure out the crime. I don't blame them for covering it up. This poor woman had lived a horrible life, she didn't need to suffer more. I think I would have done the same considering the situation and the time period. I kind of wonder if the story would have continued if she would have just stayed in jail, since she was the only suspect. And her story seemed a little shady.

One thing that made me kind of curious was what would ever happen if Mrs Peters and Mrs Hale were ever found out. Today if sometriend to help a friend by covering up evidense to a murder they can get in serious trouble.

So, Dr. Jerz, I don't know if that would be an interesting or a good example of a close reading in the future. I'm not even sure if you could find information on that, compairing investigation back then and now.

To be quite honest I really didn't want to read this story over again, but I figured what would it hurt. After reading it again I think I got more out of if this time than last.

I really don't think that Bernice was all that bad. Aren't we all a little boring at times? I think that if she would have had the right guidence I think that she could have really blossomed into a delightful person to be around. I really think that the bad situation that she was put into was good for her. I say that because now she sees that she has some potential in herself that she didn't see before. I really think once she got home she probably became more bold and assertive.

There were also some things that stood out to me this time around. I kind of wondered why didn't anyone noticed that she just suddenly changed in like one day. It's one thing to know that there are some things in your life that you have to work on but nobody can change that fast. I want to know why nobody seemed suspitious of her. Especially since she was beginning to resemble her cousin. One of the other things that bothered me was that Warren suddenly became cold just because she cut off her hair? Was that because it was so unlike Marj? At the beginning he seemed to like Bernice because of her cousin's qualities, but in the end I thought he was really beginning to like her. Was it because her hair was short, and that's only what flappers did? It would have been nice to see his reaction to Marj's hair. The answer to that question could have been revealed.

I really wish that F. Scott Fitzgerald would have at least continued the ending a little. I'm sure it would have been very dramatic. I would be dramatic too if I woke up and found that someone had cut my hair off. But since we will never know, I guess we all can use our own imaginations.


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Howdy, y'all... I'll be taking charge of the looks of this blog for a time, so just have patience and the results will please you. It might not be done today or tomorrow or even the next day, but when this stampede is through, there'll be nothing to shake a hoof at ;-)

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Yours in style,

EDIT 1/29/05 11:58pm: Finished, I think. Give me feedback :-)

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