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Bloody Moon

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After reading this story I was really surprised, especially in how it ended. If the story had ended I wonder if Louisa would have figured out what happend. I like how someone else commented in their blogs (sorry I forgot who) that if she had known about it she probably would have found it to be romantic that these two men fought over her and then died for her. I really didn't like this story. I'm sorry but if death is going to result because of a girl, I definatly think she wasn't worth it to either of the men. I also can't help but wonder what her reaction would have been if the story was continued? I wonder how she would have found out. I really didn't like this story, something about it just bugged me I guess.

Turnpike Adventures

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I left last Tuesday night to head home for Easter break. Lucky I left class early since I had heard that the weather was going to be really bad, well, with rain anyway. I live 3 1/2 hours from here and I have to travel on the turnpike. When I left on Tuesday I was so nervous. It was the first time that I ever drove that far by myself. And I was totally worried I was going to get lost, something that I am notorious for.
When I left here after 8, I found that the weather wasn't bad at all, which was a total relief. I was also very happy that traffic wasn't bad either. I came across a lot of trucks, which aren't my favorite types of vehicals to travel with but it really wasn't that bad, just because there was hardly anyone on the road. Since I was alone on the road, I got a little crazy driving around like speed racer. I had to keep reminding myself that getting a speeding ticket wouldn't be very fun.
On my drive home I had to blast music and wind down the window to keep awake and alert (I didn't take any breaks, and drove straight through). Every time I was just about to go through a tunnel a good song would come on the radio. So, I got to hear the very beginning and the very end of each song. I made really good time getting home. I must have been a site though when I stopped to get gas. Since I had driven three and a half hours straight I was so tense when I got out of the car. I must of looked so funny hobbling around. When my car had to go in for inspection on wedesday morning, I had my Grandpa drive my car because I just did not want to drive.
My trip back on the lovely turnpike wasn't wasn't as great today. It would have been so much better if it hadn't been raining, even traffic wasn't too bad. It wasn't even the rain that was so bad, it was the fact that it sucked to be driving right behind other cars. It really ticked me off when people would change lanes right in front of me, I don't get it, they had tons of road in front of them and they had to go right in front of me, what's up with that? That made me mad because I had curtesty for other people. People are retarded sometimes and should not be aloud on the roads. When I got closer to school the rain cleared up a little. The one bad thing was that, stupid me managed to miss my exit (I usually get off at the New Stanton exit) Luckly I got off at Irwin and came back to school the opposite way I usually come. The only bad thing was that I had to pay 50 cents more than at New Stanton. Oh well. I was so worried I had gotten myself majorly lost and wouldn't be able to find my way back to school. For those of you that don't know, this is the first semester I had my car up here since I just got my car in August, and usually I don't leave campus very often. I got back easily. I was so glad that I recognized things once I started traveling towards Greensburg. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The only other bad thing was that I got back to school a good half hour to 45 minutes after I had anticipated. Traffic was terrible in town, it was driving me crazy just sitting there, waiting for the traffic to move. Oh yeah, I did stop once on my way back, for 15 minutes because I was getting so tired and totally frustrated with the rain and visibility, so I just chilled out in my car, and then I walked around my car a couple times. Once I got back to Greensburg, I was very glad to see the school and be back in my room. At least now I now know what to be prepared for on future trips.

Alligator Mood

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alligator 1.bmp

I just had to post a picture of an alligator! I always thought they were really cool, since I was a little girl. Yes, Horses are my favorite animal, but alligators are pretty awesome too. When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist so that I could study alligators, I know, that's totally crazy. I had to post a little randomness today.
Later Gators! :)

First I have to say that I did like reading this play, it moved so fast. As much as I enjoyed reading it, I still have some mixed feelings about the characters.

I really didn't like Stanley at all. He is a horrible person. What kind of guy hits his wife? I really think he has control issues. Seriously, as soon as anyone started objecting to whatever he wanted to do or to whatever he was saying, he started hitting people and throwing stuff around. He probably knew that if he started throwing things around people would be submissive under his thumb. I thought Stella was ok, I think she just got mixed up with the wrong guy. My only question is, why does she want to stay with a man who is abusive. I guess she just doesn't want to admit the truth. I was kind of surprised that she didn't live in fear. I know I would if I had a husband that flew off the handle everytime I said something he didn't like. I felt kind of sorry for Blanche, especially after Stanley raped her and no one believed her, but I guess she lied way to many times and nobody knew what the truth really was anymore. Kind of reminds me of the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.


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Well, not only are we back but we came back early, by arriving last night after 11. I swear the ride home seemed longer than the ride there, it might have been because I actually had people to talk to, like Karissa and Amanda, and my former roommate Andrea Martin and also I had my candybar to read.

I know that Amanda and Karissa had a really great time, and I am glad that they did. But to me, this week wasn't that great. The people I worked with were great, I think it was the stuff that was going on. All we did all week was drywall which was cool but I didn't get to do any work until the second to the last day that we were there because there were more than 20 people milling around. Unfortunatly our crew was all crammed into the second floor of the house plus there were other groups there. The other people we worked with were really nice but they got into the habit of taking our work away from us. This week was just a big disappointment to me. I guess I just assumed there would be more structure.

On a positive note, there were some really fun times too. A bunch of us went bowling and had a blast. There were things that struck me as a slightly funny was the fact that my friend Dave talked on his cell phone the whole time and bowled at the same time. The most shocking part about that was that he got a strike everytime it was his turn, except at the very end when he actually finished his phone conversation. The other thing was that we had to give one of our shoes to trade for bowling shoes, appearently they have problems with theft, who would steal bowling shoes? Oh yeah, if you ever need some luck just rub Amanda's head, haha, just kidding.

Oh yeah, I know I already said it a bunch of times, but thanks for being there Karissa. You're totally awesome. And sorry about the snoring thing. That's one thing I hate about going on these trips, I'm always think everyone will hate me by the end of the trip because I snore. Yes world, I snore, and I'm not proud of it.

Unfortunatly I don't have very many pictures, I mean you can only take so many pictures of people drilling. I wish I would have had my camera around for apple pie making, one of my favorites that Karissa has, is the picture of the sugar girls, Amber, Karissa, and I. Anyways, once I get my pictures developed I might scan them and post them like I did last year. I also have a good part of a role that I want to use up by Easter break so that I can get the rest of my habitat pictures developed. So be ready to have your picture taken, muhahaha.

Blogging Portfolio #1

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Since last year my little blog went through some much needed changes. It has gotten some color changes and some kind of theme, if that's what you want to call it, thanks to Karissa :)

Not only has my little blog changed but I have too. I definatly set out to be the best blogginater I can be, for me anyway. I have made a better attempt to blog a lot more and to comment, even though I don't always get feed back from my fellowclassmates, but thanks to those who have, because thats a real help.

Anyways, I discovered that sometimes you find more meaning in a story if you read it again, like in Bernice Bobs Her Hair. The same thing goes for A Jury of Her Peers, after reading both of these short stories I picked up on little bits of information that I never noticed before.
Like short stories, plays can speak in so many volumes, and sometimes you really have to listen hard to understand. The Adding Machine made me think, especially about people who are convicted in trials. Sometimes you are left hanging, wondering what happend. When we read Machinal I was more curious about the true story that inspired the whole play.

When we read The Great Gatsby I got to wondering about the characters, especially Daisy. She bothered me so much that I simply had to write about her in my blog and in a paper. In poetry I tried to think outside the box, get outside of the author's head, especially in War Vets. In Daddy I wondered about the specific Holocaust references in Daddy and may consider it for my thesis for the research paper, thanks to Karissa for talking it out with me during tap class. I also came up with crazy theories for the birds and the interesting life of Judith. I also thought long and hard about Frufrock and his connections to mermaids.

I tried to take some time to have some fun blogs too. I tried to stay away from being too boring this year. I talked about my car, it even wrote me a little letter, poor little car. A little poem I wrote for Valentine's Day helped me to try to stay positive and upbeat. I even came upon a fun state game from another blog, so I figured I would use it to even out all the educational blogging.

I didn't have any big discussions in my blog, except for maybe my first Gatsby blog. I guess since I'm not really friends with that many people in the class I guess people didn't want to come to my blog. Besides all this, I made a valiant attempt to get in on discussions with my fellow peers in their blogs. I talked with Karissa, Moira, and Kristen on several occaisons. I also found that there were blogs that I visited and asked questions but never really get a reply, and I'm not sure what happend there, but hopefully next portfolio will be even better.

Birds and their songs

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First, I was really excited when I found out that we were going to be doing a poem by Robert Frost, I'm a huge fan.

After reading this poem and then reading Karissa's entry about this poem, I got to thinking and then I decided to read the poem again. The birds definatly have a relation to Eve and the Garden of Eden. What first came to my mind was that God created the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve. He also created the animals and then left these two people to take care of all the animals that God had created.
What I thought Frost was saying was that in the Garden Eden, Eve had a connection with the birds, for all we know they could have sang to her every morning. It would be neat if she really had, had a connection with the birds. I kind of feel like Frost is saying that because Eve sinned by eating the fruit that she wasn't supposed to eat. After this God was angry with Adam and Eve for sinning against him, so he kicked them both out of the garden. The responsibility of taking care of the animals was pretty much taken off the hands of Adam and Eve. These birds that once had a connection with Eve, no longer have that ability. It's almost like the birds became sad, and this is why there song changed. This poem is really sad if you think about it.

Botany made sexy

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First, I know you are thinking, wait, isn't she an english major, why is she talking about botany.
Second, I hope I don't get in trouble for this, it's really funny, and I found it from one of the teacher blogs I have been lurking around on, The_Science_Goddess is a high school science teacher, she's the one who I got this from.


I'm hoping everyone gets a kick out of this


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When I read Daddy by Sylvia Plath I couldn't help but wonder where all the Holocaust references were coming from. I did some reasearch and couldn't really find anything. All I found out is that her dad was a teacher and that he died when she was nine.

The other thing with this poem was that I could kind of relate to it. I know what it's like to have a horrible dad who treats you like crap. Reading this poem made me think back to all the times my dad told me I was stupid and good for nothing, and that I would never succeed in life. I finally found someone else who "hates" their dad. I know, some of you are shocked, but yes, I hate my dad. My dad made my life a living hell, thankfully I'm not around him anymore. I guess if you didn't or couldn't guess, but this poem really struck home. Also, I don't want anyone to come in my blog and get on my case and tell me how they have a wonderful loving relationship with their fathers because first I don't want to hear it, and second if you have something rude to say, you don't have any right to say anything because you don't know the situation.

Anyways, if anyone finds any information about Plath's references to the Holocaust and all that let me know, I'm really interested :)

The World Trade Center

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I thought this poem was kind of interesting. First I must say since I have only ever been to New York twice in my whole life, I probably don't have the respect that the others have for the city. Although last time I was there I had a great time just strolling all over the city with a friend.
I kind of have to agree with David Lehman when he talks about the site of the city. Before the 9/11 attack I always thought the New York skyline was amazing, especially at night when all the lights are all lit up. Whenever I see pictures of the skyline now, it's still pretty but I think that it's lost some of its majesty. It makes me sad now whenever I look at the pictures now because of the sad reason why those buildings are no longer there.

To Brooklyn Bridge

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I didn't think that To Brooklyn Bridge by Hart Crane painted a very pretty picture. All I can see are cold dark clouds, dirty busy streets - the cars polluting the skies. The way he describes the bridge it almost seems like it is unsafe, just the way he talks about the cables "breathing".
Other than that I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to get out of this poem, like I said in one of my other posts, I'm not very good at picking apart poetry.

When I read Judith of Bethulia by John Crowe Ransom I saw a poor (not poor as in someone that has no money, but someone I guess I pity) girl who has to stoop so low as to become a prostitute for a living.
This woman has to live with men coming after her and even abusing her when they use her services. I found it interesting that it seems that she seems to have no remorse in killing one of her clients. It also wonder if the bosses, the "elders" were forcing her to be involved in this employment.
This story kind of made me think of Rahab from the bible because these women seem to have similar lives to some degree. It kind of makes me wonder if the author was religious at all, that would be an interesting investigation.
After reading this poem, I am kind of curious as to why Ransom wrote it.

War Vets

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Like Gina said in her blog, I'm not very good at analyzing poems. This may seem totally crazy but when I read In the Old Age of the Soul by Ezra Pound it made me think of War Veterans. I know, you are probably wondering why I think this, well here goes:

"I do not choose to dream; there cometh on me
Some strange old lust for deeds."

Back in the old days as I say, people did not always volunteer for the wars. I feel like I did not choose to dream, to me is like saying I did not choose to go to war, but I did it because it's a good deed and I am helping my country.

"As to the nerveless hand of some old warrior
The sword-hilt or the war-worn wonted helmet
Brings momentary life and long-fled cunning,"

This says to me that this verse is talking alot about how the soldiars had long hard days. They sat in the trenches holding there guns. They sit weary thinking about there next move. They may be sitting and listening to their commander talking about their stratagy to defeat the enemy. The "nerveless hand" makes me think of nerves of steel. Soldiars I'm sure, begin to harden, at least their nerves do anyway. Through all the things that they see they almost have to steel themselves against it.

"Forgetful of the council of elders,
Forgetful that who rules doth no more battle,
Forgetful that such might no more cleaves to him
So doth he flame again toward valiant doing."

This part I kind of disagree with. I don't think a soldiar, especially those war vets will never forget what they saw and what they went through. I have read so many stories and have talked to alot of people who were in Vietnam and Korea, and many of them had and still have flashbacks. It seems like they never get over the horrors of the war. I do agree with the last line though. I think that each and every one of those war vets knows that he was fighting for his country and that he was doing the best he could do, and be the best he could be.

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