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Well, not only are we back but we came back early, by arriving last night after 11. I swear the ride home seemed longer than the ride there, it might have been because I actually had people to talk to, like Karissa and Amanda, and my former roommate Andrea Martin and also I had my candybar to read.

I know that Amanda and Karissa had a really great time, and I am glad that they did. But to me, this week wasn't that great. The people I worked with were great, I think it was the stuff that was going on. All we did all week was drywall which was cool but I didn't get to do any work until the second to the last day that we were there because there were more than 20 people milling around. Unfortunatly our crew was all crammed into the second floor of the house plus there were other groups there. The other people we worked with were really nice but they got into the habit of taking our work away from us. This week was just a big disappointment to me. I guess I just assumed there would be more structure.

On a positive note, there were some really fun times too. A bunch of us went bowling and had a blast. There were things that struck me as a slightly funny was the fact that my friend Dave talked on his cell phone the whole time and bowled at the same time. The most shocking part about that was that he got a strike everytime it was his turn, except at the very end when he actually finished his phone conversation. The other thing was that we had to give one of our shoes to trade for bowling shoes, appearently they have problems with theft, who would steal bowling shoes? Oh yeah, if you ever need some luck just rub Amanda's head, haha, just kidding.

Oh yeah, I know I already said it a bunch of times, but thanks for being there Karissa. You're totally awesome. And sorry about the snoring thing. That's one thing I hate about going on these trips, I'm always think everyone will hate me by the end of the trip because I snore. Yes world, I snore, and I'm not proud of it.

Unfortunatly I don't have very many pictures, I mean you can only take so many pictures of people drilling. I wish I would have had my camera around for apple pie making, one of my favorites that Karissa has, is the picture of the sugar girls, Amber, Karissa, and I. Anyways, once I get my pictures developed I might scan them and post them like I did last year. I also have a good part of a role that I want to use up by Easter break so that I can get the rest of my habitat pictures developed. So be ready to have your picture taken, muhahaha.



Karissa said:

Sue, it's no problem :-) I'm more than happy to help out when I can. (Forget about the snoring thing; it's no biggie!) When I get my pictures up, feel free to save them as yours on your computer, okay? I definitely can't wait to see everyone's awesome shots of the week and George's video.

Even if you think you didn't have -that- great of a time, remember the really wonderful parts and count them. I'm certain that they out number the not-so-wonderful parts :-)

Sue said:

Karissa, I was thinking about that today, about all the fun stuff that we did or stuff that happend, while I was writing in your blog :) I'm really excited to see George's video too.

Emily said:

can you guys e-mail me back about the wild horses habitat please and thank you p.s.and food

christi said:

You should have a quick answer instead of everyone searching for the answer.Other than that you web-site is pretty cool!!

felicha said:

what doese horses eat

joyce hyde said:

well Iam doing a power point for a class and used your sight as a refrence I think what you guys did is awesome !!! thanks Jo H.

Emily Stanley said:

I love u u love me were a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to u won't u say u love me 2!


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