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Well, I was going to try to write in my blog every day in April but now I'm not sure if I am even going to bother. I really don't mind blogging at all, I like being able to write poetry and things when I need somewhere to work them out. But I'm not sure if I even want to write in here any more once school is over. Nobody ever comes to my blog, if they are, they aren't posting comments which I find rather rude considering the fact that I post other people's blogs. I think the only person who actually comes to visit me once in awhile is Karissa (thanks Karissa I appreciate that, at least I know that one person actually gives a crap about me and the things I have to say). It's very sad that not only am I a loner in the real world, I'm a loner in the blogging world as well. I want to thank everyone for making me feel like crap, I'm sure it made everyone's day.

It really bothers me that people only visit their best friends blog and nobody elses. Sorry I don't have a best friend, because I don't just stick to one person's blog. Yes I blog in Karissa's blog a lot more now because she is pretty much the only person actually takes the time to come visit me. Even Dr. Jerz doesn't even read my stuff anymore, so pretty much it all makes me feel pretty crummy. Why should I blog if nobody cares. I can bet I'm not going to get any comments on this blog either. If anybody is scared away by my negativity, I'm sorry, sometimes it gets the best of me, and a lot of times I do it without realizing it. Just realize that I'm trying to work on it.



Blogs are a great vehicle for expressing emotions and frustrations, but I'm pretty sure aren't deliberately planning to avoid your blog just becuase they want you to feel bad.

I think most people are like me... I read far more blog entries than I comment on.

One thing you might do is post on your own blog a link to something someone posted elsewhere, and then go to that person's blog and say "Great entry, I posted a long response," and then give the URL of your entry.

Tammy Roberts said:

I am so sorry that you feel that way. I don't go to many blogs due to a crazy scheduale that keeps me wanting to pull my hair out. For this reason I blog for my requirements and a little more, but I never really get into like some do. I think that you have a lot of great things to say in class, and you shouldn't let people like me who are not a total computer lover to make you feel bad. So once again I apoligise for my rudeness, and I will try at least for the rest of this semester to visit and see what you have to say. No promises though becasue I am pretty bad at gettinig into this but I will try. It is better to try, than to make a promise you know you cna't keep.

Emily Kasky said:

I agree with Dr. Jerz's statement - I read lots of posts, but comment on very few.

Keep your chin up, Sue. You're not as alone as you think...As for me, I'll try to come around more often. Hope you're feeling better.

Grant Clark said:

Cheer up babe,its onlylonely if you dont reach out.

emoodz said:

You dont blog for others babe, nor do you have to satisfy anyone with you writing.. As Clark said.. It's only about reaching out to others..

I would recommend some traffic generaters, blogexplosion, blogwise.. Try them out.. You will be amazed with how much traffic they can get you..

Your gifted, dont stop..

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