Ghost Hunters

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Ok, so tonight I went to the floor program tonight for the ghost thing. It was really interesting. We shared a lot of stories and the ghost hunters told a lot of interesting things. We saw a lot of neat pictures too. We all went into room 502 in maura to check out orbs and stuff. Unfortunatly I didn't feel anything, most people that went in said that they at least thought the air seemed heavier, I didn't feel anything. Everyone else seemed to have a orbs around them and could sense positive energy around them. I left feeling really disappointed, I guess ghosts aren't attracted to me. As I learned, it seems that ghosts sometimes attach themselves to certain people.

I've always believed in ghosts and angels so I thought I would get to experience something. I think the people that got the best experiences tonight were the ones who have already had experiences before. Anyways, according to the people that were here, they said that this place is pretty haunted for sure, and they want to come back and check out other places like, the chapel, the bell tower, the cemetary, and brownlee.

I heard an interesting new story about the ghosts and things on this campus, appearently there is a story about the burning nun, oh and this incident took place in St. Joseph Hall on the third floor when it still was the nun housing. I think thats kind of funny, because I think the third floor is the creepiest, especially at night. I don't know how our professors stand it. *Shiver* Gives me the goosebumps just thinking about it.


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