Two Weeks Left

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Well, as I haven't told any of you since I've been away from the internet most of this summer, but I have been taking two summer classes. One is a speech class (have to get it over with sometime) and the other is a brit lit class. I am almost finished, finally. I have today and tomorrow of this week and then next week yet. I've been taking these classes since the end of June. I am will be glad for the break right before school starts.

I think now that I have taken a speech class I think I have really learned something about speaking for audiences, I guess it isn't so bad anymore. Brit Lit class is ok. What makes it more interesting is that it is taught by a Russian lady that has an english accent. Appearently in Russia when they teach english they teach it the british way.

Guess what tomorow is my birthday, my 23rd. I feel so old and I feel like I will never be finished with school. Unfortunatly instead of enjoying my birthday I will be busily working on a paper and presentation for my Lit class and then I have to go to class then tomorrow night. Unfortunatly it runs till 9 at night. I have to drive all the way to and back from Harrisburg. Yuck! Oh well, Friday will be worth it anyway. I am going to Dutch Apple Theater (its a dinner theater in Lancaster) with my Aunt since. I guess I will have to wait to Friday to celebrate my birthday.

Well, I've been sitting at my aunt and uncle's computer for what seems like hours now reasearching information for my paper and presentation. I think it's time for a very short break and then off to do more work. Can't wait until the classes are over.

Oh yeah, to make a note, this year I went to the beach at Ocean City Maryland and for once my friend and I weren't kicked out by a hurricane. Well, gota run now, hope everyone is haveing a great August so far. :)



Karissa said:

Hey, Sue! Happy birthday!! August birthdays rock :-) Mine is the 13th.

I hope you have a super birthday. Have fun celebrating! For what remains of summer: relax and take the time to enjoy it :-)

Emily Kasky said:

Hi Sue, thought I'd put in a random "hello."

Thanks for your random comment on my blog last month (sorry, I haven't been checking e-mail too regularly these last 3 weeks due to class and vacation). Last summer, my afternoon Russian 2 prof. Vlad actually had a British accent when he spoke English (for a while, we were trying to figure out if he was Russian or British). But that's cool that your prof. was Russian... :)

Well, not much going on here. Russian's over, and now I'm continuing work for my internship. Gotta write a research paper by Sept. 15th - Ugh. Oh well.

Looking forward to coming back to SHU and seeing you, Minzy, and Sammy. Hope you have a great what's-left-of-your-summer-vacation!

What was your presentation on, Sue?

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