Going Down Under

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Attention! Attention! It is now offical! I am studying abroad in Australia next semester.

Ok, so I have been away from my blog for months (I'm sorry blog, sometimes people just grow apart). I have been working like crazy the last couple of months trying to get applications and things out. This past week I was finally about to get my transcripts sent, my letter of recommendation, and university statement are finally on the way. When I got on-line to check how I was doing with the acceptence process I found that I was accepted into one of the schools that I applied too. Yay!

From the words of Olivia Newton John (I forget which song it is):
I'm so excited
I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control
and I think I like it.......

I am so excited right now. I just want this semester to be over with so that I can go. Well, I'm sure that it's going to go fast. Also I am hoping to blog while I'm over there so that I can keep everyone updated and let everyone know what I'm up to. I'm going to be running around talking to all of the other people who studied abroad while trying to get my work done. Another thing reason that I am totally excited to get this semester is because in Australia I plan on having a ligher work load. This semester I am carrying 6 classes and I'm tired already and it's only the third week. I think that 4 classes will be a nice break.

Anyways, if anyone has any tips for going abroad let me know. :)

This U.S. girl is going down under. I'll tell the kangaroos everyone said hi. :)



moira said:

Wow, Sue! That's SO awesome! Holy crap are you going to have an amazing time. Go you! Congratulations! See, now you don't have to feel bad about not graduating with everyone else... you have something awesome to look forward to! (note the preposition at the end of my sentence! haha)

Karissa said:

Heeeeey... you mentioned something about this earlier in the year! I'm so glad to hear that you're really going :-D *is jealous*

*is thrilled for you!*

So... d'ya think some sugarpackets could make their way back to the States with ya, mate? :-) That would just rock my socks.

But seriously--you are going to have a blast.

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