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Hey everyone, I found this picture awhile back on someone else's blog while I was lurking. Sorry I don't remember the name or anything, but I just want to say that I did find it somewhere else and it isn't mine. I just thought it was really cool.

So anyways, Lately I have been all about supporting the troops (not that I wasn't before). There is a reasoning for all of this. Sometime last month I found a friend's sister on facebook. I was talking to her and asking her about her brother who I have known since elementary school and graduated with. I had known that he had joined the air force when we graduated. When I talked to his sister I found that he was in Iraq right now. It's such a weird feeling actually knowing someone that is over there. My friend Dan is of course in the air force like I said before. He told me (I recently talked to him through e-mail) that he is a PJ, a pararescue man, he goes in and gets guys out when the plane goes down. I just thought I would tell you all that. Just please do me a favor and pray for him and all the other people that are over there. :)

I'm just glad that my computer finally let the upload thing pop up, I have so many pop up preventer things that it won't let the stuff I need to pop up which I think is retarded. Now I can show my support for the troops in some way. :)



Just posting to let you know I got your message about BlogAbroad. Thanks for letting me know -- sounds like fun.

Keep us posted via the NMJ blog, if you can!

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