A week and a half to leave on a jet plane

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Ok, so it's been a long time since I last blogged. I guess you will have to forgive me.

I figured I would update everyone on what is going on with me and my plans to study abroad in Australia. I leave in about a week and a half. Feb. 5th to be exact. I am so excited but extremely nervous. I have flown lots of times, but mostly with big groups of people. For once I will be flying all by myself. I guess I'm nervous that I won't know what to do at the airport or that I might get on the wrong plane or something. I just can't wait to go and have a great new experience.

So here's what I will be doing on the 5th flight wise. I am leaving Harrisburg, flying into chicago for a 2 hour layover, then flying to california for a four hour layover, then I will be off to Sydney, which will be a 15 hour flight. I'm hoping to get some sleep but who knows what will happen, I'm planning on taking a couple cd's along and some magazines and books to keep my occupied for that long period of time. Since I won't be living in Sydney (I'm actually going to school in Perth - in the Western part of Australia) I am excited to be spending a week there for orientation. There are a lot of things that I can't wait to see and experience there. Anyways, after my orientation week is over in Sydney I am flying to Perth. So far I have found that unfortunately I won't be living on campus but living in a flat about 15 minutes from my school. I haven't heard all of the details of this information yet, but hopefully soon. When I arrive in Perth, I will have an orientation for a week with my school and the other international/study abroad students. Classes for me won't start until the 20th or 21st whatever that monday is. Because I start school so late I won't be finished until June 25th. That's when I will be coming back to the states. I won't actually be home until the beginning of July because I am visiting my brother for a week, he lives in Ill. and I thought it would be nice to visit him and my soon to be sister-in-law for a little bit.

Right now I miss everyone at school. It's weird not running down the hall and running into Amanda or going into class with Karissa, or seeing Mike at lunch, or talk about crafts with Moira. I feel like I should be walking into classes with you guys. I miss you guys, but I'm not entirely sure that you guys notice that I'm not there. I will see some of you though when I'm back in August, sadly I won't see some of you again since some will be graduating.

I wanted to write a little note to Amanda and Karissa, or anyone else on the Setonian staff, even you Mike :) I wwould like to write something for you guys while I am abroad, talking about my experiences, I think that would be really cool, if that's ok let me know what you want me to do. Let me know how you would want it to be specifically about or how I should send it to you guys, I figured it would have to be sent somehow through e-mail which would be fine.

Anyways, I will continue to update everyone, I might try to blog again right before I leave, if not you will either hear from me again when I am either in Sydney if I have to opportunity, or in Perth when I get to my school in Australia.

Well, I have to run, it's getting late and I am using my aunt and uncle's computer so I don't have much time. I miss you all. Please write to me and tell me what you are up to and just let me know that you are alive.


moira said:

Hi Sue! How excited are you??? I was just thinking about you because I'm working on getting the first CRAFT club meeting of the semester going. You wanna learn how to crochet before you go? Might be fun for the plane... ;c) Let me know! If I don't talk to you, have a WONDERFUL trip - make sure to blog about all those language differences!! ;c) Take lots of pictures! See everything you can! Yay! Geez... look at all those exclamation points (resisting the urge... ) I'm excited for you, Sue! Have an awesome trip!

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