A Sick Flygirl

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I'm making another offical updated to keep you guys posted. :) I finally leave tomorrow!!! Yay! I am so excited but still very nervous. Not only all of this but I am sick right now. Yes, I am a little bummed out that I had to get sick right as I'm leaving for Australia. The only good thing that I can figure that is coming out of this is that since I can't sleep on planes I can take my cold medicine and it will help me sleep. Lets just hope that I don't get sicker while I am on the plane for 15 plus hours.

I have most of my stuff packed but I keep thinking that I have too much stuff or I want to decide on taking other clothing or whatever instead. All I can say is that it is extremely difficult to pack light. That is something that is not in my dictionary. I mean honestly, you never know when you may need a certain item of clothing. You have to be prepared for everything.

Hopefully I will have a lot of fun and interesting stuff to tell you guys once I get back from my orientation and learn how to use the lab computers at my school. I know this blog isn't very eventful but I don't really have much to say since I haven't left yet. But keep tuned in for more fun and interesting blogs. :)



Rachel Ramsey said:

Hey Sue I really hope you had a great flight. You have been in my prayers. Let me know how things are going.

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