Honies I'm Home! - In Perth That Is!

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Hey everyone,
It's about time I blogged everyone about my whereabouts. I am now in Australia and I have so much to tell you guys. It's been a long and interesting trip getting here, let me tell you. When I got on my plane in Harrisburg, I was surprised how small it was. It only had two rows, two seats on one side one on the other. Than it only had one flight attendant as well. I got to seat right on the wing by the window and watch the clouds go buy. The sky was so pretty. When I got to Chicago it was crazy. I had to walk so far it wasn't funny. It was also my luck that the terminal that I had to be in was the furthest away, but at least it gave me the opportunity to see the airport and I have to say it's pretty nice. During my layover I did a little people watching. People are interesting. There was one group of kids, I"m pretty sure were high school students who really don't know how to act in an airport. They were being so loud and annoying I actually got up and changed where I was sitting. Then I was observing different people that were talking on their cell phones. It's funny how some people are so loud, and act like other people really want to hear their conversations. I couldn't believe how different people could be when a girl sat beside me got on her self phone and I barely heard her at all. I have to say that this is a funny world.
Flying to California was awesome. I have only flown there once before and it was at night and I was in a middle seat so I didn't get to see much of anything. This time I saw some amazing things. I couldn't belive the view, all of those mountain ranges and some of their snowy caps, large bodies of water that I can't identify, and seeing how great and wide the desert really is. I truely enjoyed the view. :)
California airport really wasn't that great, there wasn't much to do and I sat there for five hours being utterly bored. Lets just say I was extremely relived when my flight to Sydney was called. Although I didn't sleep much on the plane I got to see a couple movies and enjoy food that was actually good. I definatley recommend doing on Quantas airlines because they really take care of their passengers. After flying for 15 hours I was very happy to back on land in Sydney.
Sydney was awesome even though I was only there for four days. On the first day my group went on a walking tour and I learned so much stuff. The second and third day got to go to the blue mountains. They are so amazing. The first day there we went hiking, which really wasn't the greatest experience for me since I was the girl that fell and hurt herself, but at least I was able to laugh at myself and get bandaged and hangout with a really cute australian guide. :) The second day which was a lot of fun, was spent repelling. I got to repel down a 160 foot cliff. Although I was a little scared it was still a great experience, and I can say that I actually went and did it. The last day in Sydney was spent in free time. I got to meet some really nice people to hangout with, and hopefully I will be able to continue talking with them. After a long free time we got to go on a cruise in the harbor which was truely awesome. I had a great time.
The day after all of this I had to fly to Perth. I have to laugh because as I stood there waiting for my stuff, my bags were the last ones to arrive, but at least they all got there in one piece. Now I am just roaming around freemantle and exploring. I have already found some neat places to visit later. I have already been to my campus which is huge, and I know I will get lost, so I'm ready for that on monday when I start classes. I will also be meeting my roomates tomorrow hopefully, and I'm hoping that they will be nice and interesting people who I will be able to get along with.
Well, I have to run because I am in an internet cafe and I don't want to have to pay to much more than 5 bucks, hey everything is expensive here. More to come later. :)



Karissa said:

So glad to hear you're having a good time, Sue! It sounds very exciting... I've never been on a plane before, so seeing mountains and the desert from a window sounds truly beautiful.

I hope you have a terrific first day of classes! Hope you're snagging some sugarpackets for me :-D Hahaha, take care, Sue!

Amanda said:

Down under, eh? :-) Hope you are having a grand time.

moira said:

Your description of your flight makes me want to go somewhere just for the view from above. How is your exploring going? Do you have a camera? I'd love to see some pictures of the places you've been visiting. Wow, you went rapelling? That's AWESOME! Go you. I'm thrilled to hear you are having a great time! :c) Take care!

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