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Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long. Bad Bloginator, Bad! There, I scolded myself, haha.
Anyways, It's been quite interesting around here to say the least. I still haven't gotten used to my school. Things are so different here. Lectures have guest speakers every week. You can't enter Bio lab without being told that you can come in (I got yelled at this week because I just walked into lab 10 minutes early and was waiting for class to start). You will get kicked out of lab if you aren't wearing your lab jacket or if you have sandles or flip flops on. There are days when I really do miss Seton Hill. I guess I never really realized that it really is like home to me sometimes.
I'm also discovering that my roommates aren't so great after all. One is just a total slop and doesn't make an effort to clean up after themselves and the other is just a nasty person that likes to bitch about everything because they think the world revolves around them. It's quite frustrating at times but I figure this is probablly going to teach me something about life in the long run.
To answer about my title, I got to swim with wild dolphins. Yay! I met part of the group in Perth and the drove to a town called Rockingham to get on a boat with a bunch of other people. I am so glad we had wet suits because the water was freezing cold. SInce the dolphins were wild we weren't allowed to touch them if they got close. What happend was everyone was given a different colored belt to wear around their waist and you went in the water with a guide and other people wearing the same color belt and in the water everyone held onto each others belts, basically we were in a line. Some of the groups got to see dolphins come up right in front of them. When I was in the water I got to see some swimming around me, basically down below me, under the water. I even got to see a dolphin jump out of the water, which was really cool. It was a neat experience. It would have been cool to have been able to touch the dolphins but oh well. At least I can say that I swam with dolphins.
I also went on an over night trip to see the pinnacles. When my group got to the pinnacles I couldn't believe how many there were. There were thousands and thousands of them everywhere, and they were all different sizes. We even got to look out over the pinnacles while the sun went down. After the sun went down the group went to eat dinner and then we went to our camp site. Yes, I went camping. It was really sad trying to set up my own tent, I couldn't figure it out but some nice people from my group came and helped me out which was really nice. I had a good time talking to different people in the group. There were people from all over the place. There was a family from England, A couple people from Germany, a couple girls from Japan, and a few people from Australia, I was the only girl there from America. It was really nice being able to talk to people of different cultures. I think studying abroad makes you open your eyes to the world around you. I honestly do. Anyways, It may be hot in Australia most of the time but it's freezing especially in the bush when the sun goes down. I used a sleeping bag that I got from the trip (they supplied them) and they were very lousy. I am actually thinking about getting my own since I will be taking some more trips in the near future and I also plan on leaving it behind so that someone else can use it when they get here. Even though I was in a tent, it was so cold. I think I shivered the whole night. I think I"m bringing my own sleeping bag and wamer cloths next time for sure.
Next weekend I am going to try windsurfing. Yay! I heard it's really hard but I always thought it looked really cool and I always wanted to try it. I am really excited about it. I will have to post you guys and tell you how it went. I'm hoping that it will be fun. And hopefully I will get to meet some more interesting people, that are nice of course.
Well, I miss everyone, hopefully I will talk to you all soon.
Oh also, if anyone wants a post card let me know, and then send me your address and I will see what I can do :)



Karissa said:

Wow! Dolphins in the wild! That's amazing, Sue. Sounds like you're having a good time (even if you don't like your roomies). Do the best you can to get along, I guess. Even though that's not actually advice... it's just a recommendation. Haha, have fun, Sue. Take it easy :-)

You've got a big adjustment to make, but I'm glad to see you're taking time to enjoy your experience. My sister swam with manatees in Florida recently, and it sounds like your experience was just as memorable as hers.

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