EL312: I thought he was a Pirate

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Well, I finished Benito Cereno awhile ago but just couldn't think of anything to write. I felt pressured to write something critical. I wasn't sure if I should just write my thoughts. Well, here are my thoughts regardless. I think it's quite interesting how Melville keeps the reader guessing. I was really starting to believe that Benito Cereno was a Pirate, I mean there was definately something shady going on, but what? On the critical side, highly critical, there was way to much description. I mean I like pictureing things in my mind and all but leave something to the imagination. Also, this story is supposed to be a short story yet it's so long. What's up with that? Sometimes I have to wonder if authors miss the point when someone tells them to write a SHORT story. I'm not sure if I'm even heading in the right direction with my thoughts but I figured that it's good that I at least tried.


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