EL312: What is literature?

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After reading this article I found it interesting that some things are considered as literature and others aren't. What bugged me the most is that Madame de Sevigne's letters to her daughter are considered as literature but a note to a friend is not. Why not? Just like her letters were taken from the past and treasured why couldn't something I wrote to a friend be taken and treasured (in the future of course)? I mean really, what's the difference. In one quote "jokes, football chants, and slogans, newspaper headlines, advertisements, are not classified as literature" If this is true, why is it that letters from the past are considered literature? Is it because they were written by someone important? Would that mean if we found the letters of a peasant from long long ago it wouldn't be considered as literature? What confuses me is that in another quote later in the article, "Anything can be literature". If this is true than why aren't football chants considered as literature? Not that I think it is but it just seems like there really isn't any clear cut line defining literature, I don't think anyone could ever define it because everyone is always going to have a difference of opinion.



This Literature idea is such popularity. Why could he not have a more straight forward answer. Because we are all critics.

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