EL312: Ghostly Wallpaper

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I think that each time I read the Yellow Wallpaper I have a new observation. I still think that the narrater is the woman in the wallpaper. I'm not starting to think the people in the stories are ghosts. Maybe it's a little far fetched but little things seemed to jump out at me. In the beginning the narrator says something about the house having a haunted effect. She (the narrator) also never seems to leave the house usually ghosts are stuck to one place. This story makes me think of the movie The Others. Nicole KIdman's character think all of these strange things that are happening due to ghosts but the strange things are happening because of Nicole and her kids. The narrator could possible not know that she is a ghost.



That's right, it's possible to look at this as a work of horror, and thus take the narrator's claims more at face value.

Sue, what quote from The Yellow Wallpaper is the base for your agenda item? What evidence supports your feeling that the narrator and the woman in the wallpaper are so closely connected?

I completely missed the ghost aspect, like The Others, I was too focused on the similarities between this story and The Shining. Now after reading your perspective, I can see the ghost thing clearer.

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