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I thought I would get the ball rolling by dusting off my little old blog and writing an entry. As I was trying to add an entry I found it harder than I remembered, Wow Dr. Jerz, you have changed the movable type so much with so many crazy options but I kind of like it, but we will see if my opinion changes once we get into the semester. It's probably a good idea that I created a new blog instead of waiting until later.
Anyways, this will be my final semester, I can't believe graduation is only a few months away, I will admit I'm excited and a little scared, but I am ready to move on with my life, I'm tired of school. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to blog again but I figured since this is my last semester I would make the most of it, so no more negative thinking. I will admit that I am little excited about some of the books we will be reading in class so that's another plus.


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