Sometimes machines don't make sense

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I can't really just pick one section to focus on. There are so many little things that make me think in this play.
In episode 1 the characters are acting like machines, they do things over and over without any kind of emotion. It's interesting that the young woman comes in and seems to want to get away from this. She doesn't know what she wants to do or who she wants to be but she doesn't want to be a machine, like the other people that she works with. I think life is like this, and I think that this is what Sophie Treadwell could been trying to show. A lot of people do the same thing day after day. They don't have a passion for what they do. But there are also people like the young woman who want to step out of the same old and be different but don't know how to do that.

I have also noticed repatition. The husband constantly says huh huh, which I don't really understand, Other characters do that as well, like the mother in the second episode, she repeats herself for awhile one one subject, like the potatoe and then the dishes, and then marriage, and then repeats herself a bunch of times on something else. I really don't quite understand Sophie Treadwell's reasoning behind this, I really think there is a reason for it though.

I have read this play several times now and I will admit that I am still confused by it. This fact made me think that machines, such as computers (at times) confuse people. Are we supposed to totally understand machines? This play seems to say that life is like a machine, and machines are confusing.



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