I am told I am a monster, therefore I am a monster

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"Every woman he sees, he wants, and he scatters commands without regard to their appropriateness" (Sears 3)
"Basilio, in other words, should have known that to raise a man in savage conditions will make of him a savage, for he will know nothing else." (Sears 4)

I thought a lot about this when I saw the play, and I'm really glad that Sears said this. I think it's interesting that Segismundo was locked up from the time he was small until the present of the story/play. He says continually that he's some kind of beast or monster, of course he would that that because thats all he has ever known. On top of that the king thought Segismundo would come out and treat everyone fairly and just be a good prince in general, but of course he won't because he has never been taught that he has to be kind and fair to others, he can't grab at women whenever he thinks one is pretty or whatever. It just surprises me that all of the characters are so surprised that he acts so badly at first.

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