Surviving the crisis over and over

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"We realize that the human race is perpetually caught in crises, but also perpetually surviving," (Vogel forward)

This play was so weird and depressing and I honestly believe that Wilder wanted us to be depressed when we saw or read the play. Somehow this one family manages to survive the world ending (or a crisis, however you want to look at it) three different times. I think the quote kind of somes all of this up. Sometimes it seems like we are going from one crisis to the next. I know quite a few people who are just trying to survive this life. I have to wonder if this is what thornton Wilder was trying to say as well.

I also disagree with this quote as well, infact I find it kind of irritating. Yeah, we have crisises that come and go in our lives, but I really don't think we are always just surviving. Wilder doesn't even seem to try to show the audience/reader that people need to make the most out of their lives. Wilder makes this play so depressing, I mean this family has been living a dismal life for five hundred years. I actually want to know why this weird disfunctional family has even been living and surviving so long when there doesn't really seem to be any hope in any of the characters.

After reading some other blogs, I realized that I probably took this play to seriously, I mean I thought it was depressing and all. I really think that Julianne made some really great comments and she reminded me that I shouldn't take this play so seriously.

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