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This is my final blog for American Literature, at least I believe that we were supposed to do one, if not it will still be here.

These are the blogs that I did just for homework.
Surviving the crisis over and over
A Dry Flood

These are the blogs that I had in on time. I don't have any comments on very many of my American Lit blogs due to uninterest from my peers and difficulties with my blog.
Gomez and Clare
god is not God

Most of my blogs do not have comments, so are some good blogs that I wrote regardless of the lack of comments
Surviving the crisis over and over
Disability or scar, a hinderance or a help?

These are the blogs that I have spent time on and they are longer than the others
Sex is not well written

These are the blogs that I commented on, some of these blogs I was the only poster and other blogs I was part of the discussion.
What is up with the Bloods? - April's blog
The Time Traveler's Wife - Chelsie's blog
Sex isn't sexy - Matt's blog


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