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Well, I can't believe this semester is amost over, (and even though it's almost over I have way too much stuff to do). I think I have come so far this year and this semester. I have learned a lot about literary criticism, especially through my peers because of their blogs and their presentations (thanks guys!).
The project is coming fast and Quinn and I have made some changes already for our presentation. We found that although it is interesting, it is quite difficult to prove that Holden Caufield is Salinger. We are going to Present a little about Salinger's life, talk about what people said about him. Before he wrote Catcher he wasn't very well known. After that we will be talking about what critics had to say about the book its self and why it was banned and the culture that was going on at the time that the book came out, which is what influenced the banning. For the project we are going to be focusing on reader -response and cultural criticism.
For the paper I am going to be looking at catcher again, but through psychoanalysis. I want to talk about how Holden constantly talks about how he is lonely. Whenever he feels this way he acts out in crazy ways to get attention. Once he has the attention, or it wasn't the attention that he was seeking he alienates himself.
Unfortunately I'm not going to get to see my peer's projects but I have been looking at their blog entries and I think that everything that I have seen looks interesting.
Erica and Jenna
They are doing their project on Pride and Prejudice, actually on several different interpretations of it. They wil also produce their own scenes from this book. I think that it will be interesting to see how each movie directer interpreted the book. I also think it is very fun that they are preforming scenes themselves for the class to view. Their project inspires me to read Jane Austen, something I have never done before.
Ellen and Bethany
These girls are focusing the three little pigs. They are going to watch several versions of this story and then use intertextuality. I think it's such a cool idea. There are so many different versions of this tale and I think it will be interesting to see how they pull all of this together, well I guess I won't actually get to see it but I'm sure it will be good. I looked up some of the things the girls mentioned in their blog. The three little pigs by green jelly is hilarious.
Mara and Kayley
These girls are doing their project on the boxcar children and intertextuality. They are going to be looking at the differences that are made in the books due to ghost writers taking over the series after the author wrote the first 19 books. I read these books as a kid and never knew that there were ghost writers for this series and I didn't know that these books are still coming out. I might make a suggestion and use the babysitters club too because ann m martin only wrote the first 20 or so books and the rest are written by ghost writters. I'm sure their presentation will be interesting.

These are the blogs that were completed for homework
Homicidal Tempest
Resisting the urge to scream

All of my blogs for this portfolio were in on time but these are the ones that gathered the most responses from people.
Literature is or is not Knowledge?
Culture Shock
Insert really great title here

These are the blogs that I commented on, there were a few conversations going on in some of them
Warnings on Analyzing Literature - Greta's blog
How do we teach literature - Derek's blog (we even had the same quote but different opinions)
Knowledge Exceeds History - Bethany's blog, she shared the same quote as well

I have been trying really hard to put depth into all of my blogs lately but here are a few that show depth
We take it for granted
Wall paper, wall-paper, or wall paper?

These are the blogs that people commented on because I had them in on time
Womanly images and chastity
Culture Shock

Well, that's my final blog portfolio. I have spent a long time with this blog and I will be sad to see it go.

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