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I thought this play was really interesting and very different from Death of a Salesman. I was kind of interested in the references of God as god. There are a few people who I know who refer to God as god because they don't believe in him (athiests). Other times God is used as god is when people are talking about other gods, like the god of war.
Charley (as he is called for a short amount of time) is seen as a god, people think that he can fix everything and change their country from a third world country to a country England or the US. In some way Miller is trying to show us that Charley isn't God and this isn't the second coming.

I was also interested in another part in this play.
"It is true, Felix! And the Symptom of course is orange hair." (Miller 12).
I really didn't understand the whole orange hair thing. I went and did a little research and found that orange hair is a symptom of malnutrition. So basically the people in this country are malnurished. I never even realized this before. I think it's interesting and sad.




Aja Hannah said:

It was a third world country and many tend to be malnourished or not in the best shape there. They also mentioned babies dead in the streets in the beginning of the play.

This play wasn't like the second coming, but I believe it was showing us what it would be like if Jesus came back today or if the crusifixtion would happen today. It's a comment on people's vanity, self-absortion, and super-scientific view (that everything can be explained by science and nothing can be a miracle).

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