Gomez and Clare

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At first I wasn't even going to have a quote in here because I was going to focus on a character who really irritated me (I liked the book but just hated this one character).

"Gomez is in love with Clare"
"Yes" I'm not helping her out with this.
"So....Clare has been telling him to take a hike, and he thinks that if he just hangs in there long enough something will happen, and he'll end up with her."
"Something will happen....?"
" To you." Charisse meets my eyes. (Niffenegger 442).

First I have to say that I had a feeling long before this part that Gomez was interested in Clare, especially since he kept tryiing to persuade her to stay away from Henry before they got married. In some ways I understand that part. Henry wasn't that great of a guy before he was with Clare, but I also can understand that he acted the way he did out of frustration, I think he just wanted to act out.
Until the moment that I quoted I had to wonder why Charisse and Henry didn't seem to notice or care. Even though we find out for sure that Gomez had a thing for Clare and that Charisse knew about it, why would she stay with him? Why didn't she talk to Clare about it? Wny talk to Henry? It's not like either of them can really do anything about it. Did Charisse expect Henry to do something? What could he have done? Why didn't this statement bother him? Why did he just let it go? That part ends with them leaving the opera and going to their own homes, Henry goes to bed and nothing is ever said again. I also never really understood why Henry trusted Gomez so much, he obviously wasn't a good guy. Also if Clare knew about it and kept telling him to buzz off why did she continue to be friends with him? I thought that was a little weird that she continued to hang out with him? Was it just because she was good friends with Charisse?

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