Lit Crit Blog Portfolio 2

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This is the second blog portfolio for Lit Crit this semester. I found that keeping up with work and commenting on other peoples blogs helped to produce a better portfolio this time around.

These are the blogs that I had to do for homework, its not that they weren't important but there are other blogs that I spent a lot more time on.

Plato hated poetry?
I am told I am a monster, therefore I am a monster
Azar Nafisi Lecture

These blogs were on time and had thought put into them.

Revenge is innocent
A whole lot of words
Can't explain everything

These are the blogs that I commented on. I wasn't always first in commenting but I was included in the conversation that was going on.

What? He was supposed to be funny! OHHHH!!!!
Come on down, your the next contestant
Creator or Creature?

For this portion I think I have succeeded in doing better since the last blog portfolio. I spent time reading the text and going through everything that intrigued me in some way, while reading I spent a lot of time looking up words so that I could understand the text.

Taking the writer to a whole new level
Women = Other
You got the wright stuff

Once my classmates saw that my blog was working they did finally start commenting on it. I don't have many comments but I did try in some cases to comment back to my classmates comments. Some comments weren't answered but they were helpful.

Starting at the beginning
Psychology just ties everything together
Life's a Dream, not the imitation we thought

Xeno Blogs
I still don't think anyone got any ideas from my blogs. I didn't really write any blogs that influenced my blogs either. Actually I'm not even sure if I even understand what a xeno blog is supposed to be.

I'm going to use my literary terms blog for this. I have been spending a lot of time looking up words I don't understand which usually do help me in the end and I think they help my classmates as well.

More words

Other blog portfolios


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