Resisting the urge to scream

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"It seems clear that we have to imagine what went on in the mind of Keats, as he wondered what the pot can have meant - we, it is understood, being those who have lost our innocence in the matter by reading the contradictory babble of the critics" (Guetti 385)

I really hated this article. I couldn't help but wonder why she wouldn't stop talking about everyone else's opinions and thoughts and get down to her won point. So I didn't as much out of this article as I would have liked. This is one little section though that I did get. I find it interesting that we always seem to turn to the critics or even just history to understand literature, or the writer his or herself because if we learn about something they were living through or going through it might explain everything. But what makes me want to scream is that my mind went back to author intent, we don't know if any of the stuff the author went through really affected what they wrote or what they were thinking. This never seems to end, every single literary criticism has something to do with another one in some way or another. Sometimes it would be nice if something meant one thing and we didn't have worry about what it really meant over here because of what the reader response is or whatever.

"The words in the poem, in other words - in Keats'swords - tease, us as the girl teases her forever panting lover, constantly holding out the bait of an object that is constituted by the failure of our efforts to reach it." (Guetti 389).

This whole section we had to read this week made me think about research. Sometimes I wonder if we really are supposed to reach what Keats is saying, or any other writer for that matter. This goes back to what I was saying earlier in another blog, maybe we are supposed to just enjoy the poem, story, play, or whatever. Yeah we are in literary criticism and we have to over analyze everything but in a normal situation are you really going to go out and try to figure out what the heck Shakespeare or Wordsworth was trying to say, probably not, most likely you are going to say, oh that was nice, or that sucked and then go on your merry way. Sometimes I love looking at books or whatever and discussing what they really mean but sometimes I really think we through the discussion and the research we miss out on the true beauty of any kind of work.

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