We take it for granted

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"A property now perhaps somewhat too easily taken for granted" (De Man 365).

When I read this I had to stop and think about it. We do take literature for granted. Not only do we always assume that it will always be around but we have easy access to it too and we don't have to worry about someone taking it away because it isn't appropriate or whatever. I was also thinking about how we take it for granted that we can even read and appreciate things like Shakespeare's plays, or Emily Dickenson's poems. There are so many people out there who are unable to read, because they are too poor to go to school or they don't have anyone to teach them. Other people don't have the opportunity to read because books are banished, some people are punished for reading certain books (think Azar Nafisi). I just don't think we appreciate the literature that we have sometimes. This also made me think about how much time we spend analyzing every single work there is out there. People spend so much time looking at every little detail. Why can't we ever enjoy Keats without haveing to look into every little thing we can kind to explain why he wrote it?

"What's the difference? Being a reader of sublime simplicity, his wife replies by patiently explaining the difference between lacing over and lacing under, whatever this may be, but provokes only ire. What's the difference? did not ask for difference but means instead I don't give a damn what the difference is." (De Man 368).

I thought this was so interesting. How often do we do this and never really think about it? As a kid you think grammar isn't ever going to matter or make a big difference in how we talk or write but it ends up making a huge difference. I also have to think that there would also be a totally different reaction had Archie Bunker answered differently, saying he didn't really care instead of saying what's the difference. And we do get a laugh out of people sometimes when they don't use grammar correctly or in the right tense.

"Does the metaphor of reading really unite outer meaning with inner understanding, action with reflection, into one single totally?" (De Man 370).

At first I was totally confused when I read this, but it makes sense when you think about it. If you don't understand the metaphor that is used you aren't going to have inner understanding. There won't be inner understanding when we don't get the conversation that happens between Archie Bunker and his wife.

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