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I thought I would get the ball rolling by dusting off my little old blog and writing an entry. As I was trying to add an entry I found it harder than I remembered, Wow Dr. Jerz, you have changed the movable type so much with so many crazy options but I kind of like it, but we will see if my opinion changes once we get into the semester. It's probably a good idea that I created a new blog instead of waiting until later.
Anyways, this will be my final semester, I can't believe graduation is only a few months away, I will admit I'm excited and a little scared, but I am ready to move on with my life, I'm tired of school. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to blog again but I figured since this is my last semester I would make the most of it, so no more negative thinking. I will admit that I am little excited about some of the books we will be reading in class so that's another plus.

Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long. Bad Bloginator, Bad! There, I scolded myself, haha.
Anyways, It's been quite interesting around here to say the least. I still haven't gotten used to my school. Things are so different here. Lectures have guest speakers every week. You can't enter Bio lab without being told that you can come in (I got yelled at this week because I just walked into lab 10 minutes early and was waiting for class to start). You will get kicked out of lab if you aren't wearing your lab jacket or if you have sandles or flip flops on. There are days when I really do miss Seton Hill. I guess I never really realized that it really is like home to me sometimes.
I'm also discovering that my roommates aren't so great after all. One is just a total slop and doesn't make an effort to clean up after themselves and the other is just a nasty person that likes to bitch about everything because they think the world revolves around them. It's quite frustrating at times but I figure this is probablly going to teach me something about life in the long run.
To answer about my title, I got to swim with wild dolphins. Yay! I met part of the group in Perth and the drove to a town called Rockingham to get on a boat with a bunch of other people. I am so glad we had wet suits because the water was freezing cold. SInce the dolphins were wild we weren't allowed to touch them if they got close. What happend was everyone was given a different colored belt to wear around their waist and you went in the water with a guide and other people wearing the same color belt and in the water everyone held onto each others belts, basically we were in a line. Some of the groups got to see dolphins come up right in front of them. When I was in the water I got to see some swimming around me, basically down below me, under the water. I even got to see a dolphin jump out of the water, which was really cool. It was a neat experience. It would have been cool to have been able to touch the dolphins but oh well. At least I can say that I swam with dolphins.
I also went on an over night trip to see the pinnacles. When my group got to the pinnacles I couldn't believe how many there were. There were thousands and thousands of them everywhere, and they were all different sizes. We even got to look out over the pinnacles while the sun went down. After the sun went down the group went to eat dinner and then we went to our camp site. Yes, I went camping. It was really sad trying to set up my own tent, I couldn't figure it out but some nice people from my group came and helped me out which was really nice. I had a good time talking to different people in the group. There were people from all over the place. There was a family from England, A couple people from Germany, a couple girls from Japan, and a few people from Australia, I was the only girl there from America. It was really nice being able to talk to people of different cultures. I think studying abroad makes you open your eyes to the world around you. I honestly do. Anyways, It may be hot in Australia most of the time but it's freezing especially in the bush when the sun goes down. I used a sleeping bag that I got from the trip (they supplied them) and they were very lousy. I am actually thinking about getting my own since I will be taking some more trips in the near future and I also plan on leaving it behind so that someone else can use it when they get here. Even though I was in a tent, it was so cold. I think I shivered the whole night. I think I"m bringing my own sleeping bag and wamer cloths next time for sure.
Next weekend I am going to try windsurfing. Yay! I heard it's really hard but I always thought it looked really cool and I always wanted to try it. I am really excited about it. I will have to post you guys and tell you how it went. I'm hoping that it will be fun. And hopefully I will get to meet some more interesting people, that are nice of course.
Well, I miss everyone, hopefully I will talk to you all soon.
Oh also, if anyone wants a post card let me know, and then send me your address and I will see what I can do :)

Hey everyone,
It's about time I blogged everyone about my whereabouts. I am now in Australia and I have so much to tell you guys. It's been a long and interesting trip getting here, let me tell you. When I got on my plane in Harrisburg, I was surprised how small it was. It only had two rows, two seats on one side one on the other. Than it only had one flight attendant as well. I got to seat right on the wing by the window and watch the clouds go buy. The sky was so pretty. When I got to Chicago it was crazy. I had to walk so far it wasn't funny. It was also my luck that the terminal that I had to be in was the furthest away, but at least it gave me the opportunity to see the airport and I have to say it's pretty nice. During my layover I did a little people watching. People are interesting. There was one group of kids, I"m pretty sure were high school students who really don't know how to act in an airport. They were being so loud and annoying I actually got up and changed where I was sitting. Then I was observing different people that were talking on their cell phones. It's funny how some people are so loud, and act like other people really want to hear their conversations. I couldn't believe how different people could be when a girl sat beside me got on her self phone and I barely heard her at all. I have to say that this is a funny world.
Flying to California was awesome. I have only flown there once before and it was at night and I was in a middle seat so I didn't get to see much of anything. This time I saw some amazing things. I couldn't belive the view, all of those mountain ranges and some of their snowy caps, large bodies of water that I can't identify, and seeing how great and wide the desert really is. I truely enjoyed the view. :)
California airport really wasn't that great, there wasn't much to do and I sat there for five hours being utterly bored. Lets just say I was extremely relived when my flight to Sydney was called. Although I didn't sleep much on the plane I got to see a couple movies and enjoy food that was actually good. I definatley recommend doing on Quantas airlines because they really take care of their passengers. After flying for 15 hours I was very happy to back on land in Sydney.
Sydney was awesome even though I was only there for four days. On the first day my group went on a walking tour and I learned so much stuff. The second and third day got to go to the blue mountains. They are so amazing. The first day there we went hiking, which really wasn't the greatest experience for me since I was the girl that fell and hurt herself, but at least I was able to laugh at myself and get bandaged and hangout with a really cute australian guide. :) The second day which was a lot of fun, was spent repelling. I got to repel down a 160 foot cliff. Although I was a little scared it was still a great experience, and I can say that I actually went and did it. The last day in Sydney was spent in free time. I got to meet some really nice people to hangout with, and hopefully I will be able to continue talking with them. After a long free time we got to go on a cruise in the harbor which was truely awesome. I had a great time.
The day after all of this I had to fly to Perth. I have to laugh because as I stood there waiting for my stuff, my bags were the last ones to arrive, but at least they all got there in one piece. Now I am just roaming around freemantle and exploring. I have already found some neat places to visit later. I have already been to my campus which is huge, and I know I will get lost, so I'm ready for that on monday when I start classes. I will also be meeting my roomates tomorrow hopefully, and I'm hoping that they will be nice and interesting people who I will be able to get along with.
Well, I have to run because I am in an internet cafe and I don't want to have to pay to much more than 5 bucks, hey everything is expensive here. More to come later. :)

A Sick Flygirl

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I'm making another offical updated to keep you guys posted. :) I finally leave tomorrow!!! Yay! I am so excited but still very nervous. Not only all of this but I am sick right now. Yes, I am a little bummed out that I had to get sick right as I'm leaving for Australia. The only good thing that I can figure that is coming out of this is that since I can't sleep on planes I can take my cold medicine and it will help me sleep. Lets just hope that I don't get sicker while I am on the plane for 15 plus hours.

I have most of my stuff packed but I keep thinking that I have too much stuff or I want to decide on taking other clothing or whatever instead. All I can say is that it is extremely difficult to pack light. That is something that is not in my dictionary. I mean honestly, you never know when you may need a certain item of clothing. You have to be prepared for everything.

Hopefully I will have a lot of fun and interesting stuff to tell you guys once I get back from my orientation and learn how to use the lab computers at my school. I know this blog isn't very eventful but I don't really have much to say since I haven't left yet. But keep tuned in for more fun and interesting blogs. :)

Support the Troops

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suport the troops.png

Hey everyone, I found this picture awhile back on someone else's blog while I was lurking. Sorry I don't remember the name or anything, but I just want to say that I did find it somewhere else and it isn't mine. I just thought it was really cool.

So anyways, Lately I have been all about supporting the troops (not that I wasn't before). There is a reasoning for all of this. Sometime last month I found a friend's sister on facebook. I was talking to her and asking her about her brother who I have known since elementary school and graduated with. I had known that he had joined the air force when we graduated. When I talked to his sister I found that he was in Iraq right now. It's such a weird feeling actually knowing someone that is over there. My friend Dan is of course in the air force like I said before. He told me (I recently talked to him through e-mail) that he is a PJ, a pararescue man, he goes in and gets guys out when the plane goes down. I just thought I would tell you all that. Just please do me a favor and pray for him and all the other people that are over there. :)

I'm just glad that my computer finally let the upload thing pop up, I have so many pop up preventer things that it won't let the stuff I need to pop up which I think is retarded. Now I can show my support for the troops in some way. :)

October Awareness Month

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Hey everyone,
This isn't going to be a long blog I just want everyone to be aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I know it might sound dumb it's something important to me, so wear a pink ribbon this month, wear a pink braclet, wear a piece of pink clothing. Help support to find the cure to breast cancer. I looked up so really cool sites that everyone should check out.

Be aware everyone :)

Going Down Under

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Attention! Attention! It is now offical! I am studying abroad in Australia next semester.

Ok, so I have been away from my blog for months (I'm sorry blog, sometimes people just grow apart). I have been working like crazy the last couple of months trying to get applications and things out. This past week I was finally about to get my transcripts sent, my letter of recommendation, and university statement are finally on the way. When I got on-line to check how I was doing with the acceptence process I found that I was accepted into one of the schools that I applied too. Yay!

From the words of Olivia Newton John (I forget which song it is):
I'm so excited
I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control
and I think I like it.......

I am so excited right now. I just want this semester to be over with so that I can go. Well, I'm sure that it's going to go fast. Also I am hoping to blog while I'm over there so that I can keep everyone updated and let everyone know what I'm up to. I'm going to be running around talking to all of the other people who studied abroad while trying to get my work done. Another thing reason that I am totally excited to get this semester is because in Australia I plan on having a ligher work load. This semester I am carrying 6 classes and I'm tired already and it's only the third week. I think that 4 classes will be a nice break.

Anyways, if anyone has any tips for going abroad let me know. :)

This U.S. girl is going down under. I'll tell the kangaroos everyone said hi. :)

Two Weeks Left

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Well, as I haven't told any of you since I've been away from the internet most of this summer, but I have been taking two summer classes. One is a speech class (have to get it over with sometime) and the other is a brit lit class. I am almost finished, finally. I have today and tomorrow of this week and then next week yet. I've been taking these classes since the end of June. I am will be glad for the break right before school starts.

I think now that I have taken a speech class I think I have really learned something about speaking for audiences, I guess it isn't so bad anymore. Brit Lit class is ok. What makes it more interesting is that it is taught by a Russian lady that has an english accent. Appearently in Russia when they teach english they teach it the british way.

Guess what tomorow is my birthday, my 23rd. I feel so old and I feel like I will never be finished with school. Unfortunatly instead of enjoying my birthday I will be busily working on a paper and presentation for my Lit class and then I have to go to class then tomorrow night. Unfortunatly it runs till 9 at night. I have to drive all the way to and back from Harrisburg. Yuck! Oh well, Friday will be worth it anyway. I am going to Dutch Apple Theater (its a dinner theater in Lancaster) with my Aunt since. I guess I will have to wait to Friday to celebrate my birthday.

Well, I've been sitting at my aunt and uncle's computer for what seems like hours now reasearching information for my paper and presentation. I think it's time for a very short break and then off to do more work. Can't wait until the classes are over.

Oh yeah, to make a note, this year I went to the beach at Ocean City Maryland and for once my friend and I weren't kicked out by a hurricane. Well, gota run now, hope everyone is haveing a great August so far. :)

Summer Sun

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Well, I haven't been on in a long time. I guess I am doing a terrible job as a blogginator. Oh well, I might try to catch up on here every now and then. Right now I am taking two classes (well, technically I am starting the lit class next week on tuesday). I am also taking a speech class. I give my first speech on Wednesday, and I have to say I am a little nervous. In a couple weeks I'm going to Ocean City Maryland. I am so excited, and hopefully this time my friend and I will not be kicked out of the state by a hurricane this time. I'm also hoping that if things go well this summer I am going to send in my application to study abroad in australia for the spring. So far everything is looking up, but I probably shouldn't speak too soon, or I guess I shouldn't count the chickens before they hatch. Oh yeah Karissa, I wanted to tell you that if I do go to Australia to study abroad in the spring I will get a sugar packet for you :)

Hope everyone is having a good summer so far. I will try to up date everyone once in awhile and I might post about the beach if all goes well.


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Slipping into darkness;
cold and alone.
Icy fingers;
chill my heart.
salty tears;
paint a wet path.
hidden in the darkness;
anger lurkes.
bubbling and brew;
trying to hold it in.
Hiding the hurt;
they have caused me.
Hoping someone helps me;
find the light within.


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Well, I was going to try to write in my blog every day in April but now I'm not sure if I am even going to bother. I really don't mind blogging at all, I like being able to write poetry and things when I need somewhere to work them out. But I'm not sure if I even want to write in here any more once school is over. Nobody ever comes to my blog, if they are, they aren't posting comments which I find rather rude considering the fact that I post other people's blogs. I think the only person who actually comes to visit me once in awhile is Karissa (thanks Karissa I appreciate that, at least I know that one person actually gives a crap about me and the things I have to say). It's very sad that not only am I a loner in the real world, I'm a loner in the blogging world as well. I want to thank everyone for making me feel like crap, I'm sure it made everyone's day.

It really bothers me that people only visit their best friends blog and nobody elses. Sorry I don't have a best friend, because I don't just stick to one person's blog. Yes I blog in Karissa's blog a lot more now because she is pretty much the only person actually takes the time to come visit me. Even Dr. Jerz doesn't even read my stuff anymore, so pretty much it all makes me feel pretty crummy. Why should I blog if nobody cares. I can bet I'm not going to get any comments on this blog either. If anybody is scared away by my negativity, I'm sorry, sometimes it gets the best of me, and a lot of times I do it without realizing it. Just realize that I'm trying to work on it.

Taking a Break

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For the last week or so I have been majorly procrastinating, but then, who hasn't. I think today it all finally caught up with me, or at least this week anyway. Everything is due within the next few days and I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get things done. As much as I hate the fact that I waited to the last minute to get things done I'm glad that I'm busy for the time being. Also, I have all of the things that I have to do on post-it notes in my room. Its nice to be able to take them down when I finally have something finished. I actually feel like I accomplished something.

I am a little mad though that the computer guy was supposed to come by today to fix my computer and he never showed up, so I wasted 30 minutes that I could have been working. I'm still in the computer lab, I think I will be able to get everything finished and I will be very relieved.

For some reason this month I am trying to blog something everyday, I guess just to see if I can do it, and just because I need to give my blog a little more attention. I think tomorrow or wednesday I will post my report for The Half Skinned Steer, I want to reread it again and do a little research before I do anything.

Now that I have wasted my time, I will get back to work.

Edgar Allan Poe

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While working on my unit plan for my education class I was doing some research on Edgar Allan Poe (I'm doing my lesson/unit plan on him and his works) I found a poem that I really liked, I just thought I would post it since I liked it so much.

It's called Alone, but Allan Edgar Poe

From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were; I have not seen
As others saw; I could not bring
My passions from a common spring.
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow; I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone;
And all I loved, I loved alone.
Then- in my childhood, in the dawn
Of a most stormy life- was drawn
From every depth of good and ill
The mystery which binds me still:
From the torrent, or the fountain,
From the red cliff of the mountain,
From the sun that round me rolled
In its autumn tint of gold,
From the lightning in the sky
As it passed me flying by,
From the thunder and the storm,
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view

Ghost Hunters

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Ok, so tonight I went to the floor program tonight for the ghost thing. It was really interesting. We shared a lot of stories and the ghost hunters told a lot of interesting things. We saw a lot of neat pictures too. We all went into room 502 in maura to check out orbs and stuff. Unfortunatly I didn't feel anything, most people that went in said that they at least thought the air seemed heavier, I didn't feel anything. Everyone else seemed to have a orbs around them and could sense positive energy around them. I left feeling really disappointed, I guess ghosts aren't attracted to me. As I learned, it seems that ghosts sometimes attach themselves to certain people.

I've always believed in ghosts and angels so I thought I would get to experience something. I think the people that got the best experiences tonight were the ones who have already had experiences before. Anyways, according to the people that were here, they said that this place is pretty haunted for sure, and they want to come back and check out other places like, the chapel, the bell tower, the cemetary, and brownlee.

I heard an interesting new story about the ghosts and things on this campus, appearently there is a story about the burning nun, oh and this incident took place in St. Joseph Hall on the third floor when it still was the nun housing. I think thats kind of funny, because I think the third floor is the creepiest, especially at night. I don't know how our professors stand it. *Shiver* Gives me the goosebumps just thinking about it.

Computers Suck!!!!

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I'm sitting here in the computer, freezing to death (I don't know where the air is coming from, I think someone has a window open) because my stupid computer has a bunch of viruses on it. My virus protecter lets me know I have them but won't get rid of them (I think it might be outdated and I don't know how to update it). My computer started flipping out this morning so I had to shut it off before it got really bad. There is only one good thing that has come out of it, I can't be distracted by my computer now, which is guess is a good thing. Now I can get my work done. I'm very angry and frustrated with it right now, I just want to pick it up and throw it out the window (kind of ha, I'll fix you attitude). I can't even listen to my music, my CD's or iTunes. This really sucks and I don't know what to do. I e-mailed the IT departement, so hopefully they will be able to help. I just want to cry right now. This has been one of the worst weeks ever (then again there probably have been a lot worse, but my main point is, is that it's going pretty crappy). I really hate computers and life right now. Well, it was nice to vent my frustrations.

Ok, I think I'm being kicked out of the computer lab, better run.


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Well, not only are we back but we came back early, by arriving last night after 11. I swear the ride home seemed longer than the ride there, it might have been because I actually had people to talk to, like Karissa and Amanda, and my former roommate Andrea Martin and also I had my candybar to read.

I know that Amanda and Karissa had a really great time, and I am glad that they did. But to me, this week wasn't that great. The people I worked with were great, I think it was the stuff that was going on. All we did all week was drywall which was cool but I didn't get to do any work until the second to the last day that we were there because there were more than 20 people milling around. Unfortunatly our crew was all crammed into the second floor of the house plus there were other groups there. The other people we worked with were really nice but they got into the habit of taking our work away from us. This week was just a big disappointment to me. I guess I just assumed there would be more structure.

On a positive note, there were some really fun times too. A bunch of us went bowling and had a blast. There were things that struck me as a slightly funny was the fact that my friend Dave talked on his cell phone the whole time and bowled at the same time. The most shocking part about that was that he got a strike everytime it was his turn, except at the very end when he actually finished his phone conversation. The other thing was that we had to give one of our shoes to trade for bowling shoes, appearently they have problems with theft, who would steal bowling shoes? Oh yeah, if you ever need some luck just rub Amanda's head, haha, just kidding.

Oh yeah, I know I already said it a bunch of times, but thanks for being there Karissa. You're totally awesome. And sorry about the snoring thing. That's one thing I hate about going on these trips, I'm always think everyone will hate me by the end of the trip because I snore. Yes world, I snore, and I'm not proud of it.

Unfortunatly I don't have very many pictures, I mean you can only take so many pictures of people drilling. I wish I would have had my camera around for apple pie making, one of my favorites that Karissa has, is the picture of the sugar girls, Amber, Karissa, and I. Anyways, once I get my pictures developed I might scan them and post them like I did last year. I also have a good part of a role that I want to use up by Easter break so that I can get the rest of my habitat pictures developed. So be ready to have your picture taken, muhahaha.


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Howdy, y'all... I'll be taking charge of the looks of this blog for a time, so just have patience and the results will please you. It might not be done today or tomorrow or even the next day, but when this stampede is through, there'll be nothing to shake a hoof at ;-)

EDIT:Testing this image.
blue brown for sue.gif

Yours in style,

EDIT 1/29/05 11:58pm: Finished, I think. Give me feedback :-)

Tramatic Moments

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Ok, I haven't been on in awhile, and I appoligize. Things have been busy here, I have been trying to find a job and get into my classes at HACC. Oh yeah, Amanda, when I was on campus I thought of you, I saw lots of squirrals :) Even though I am there I miss everyone there, I want to know what everyone has been up to :)

Anyways, to get on with the topic of my title, I am sure you are all wondering about. There was an incident that happend yesterday, a bad one that I figured I needed to get out and talk about it, since I'm still upset about it.

Yesterday morning I was headed to my Philosophy class which was held at one of the area high schools (its cool because we don't have to drive to harrisburg or lancaster) Because of Ivan it was pouring down rainning and the roads were horribly flooded. I was driving down towards the intersection to get onto Rt.30. The light was red and I was despertly tring to stop. Without thinking I slammed on the brakes (yes, I know now that I should have pumped my brakes instead) After stopping over the white line (thankfully I was the first person in line) my car stalled. I was frantically trying to get my car started when the car behind me started blowing its horn (the light was still red). Then all of a sudden I got rammed from behind. The horn blowing preceded the other car then rammed me again. I was so scared, I didn't even know what to do. Next thing I know the guy behind me is banging on my window yelling at me and telling me that I ruined his car. Since I'm a real crybaby, I tried to hold back my tears (I totally didn't know what to do) The guy didn't seem to get that this whole thing was all his fault, considering that he hit me. I told a friend later that day that I should have been the one that was angry. To continue on, he told me that he was going to follow me to the high school and then call the police. (I never even thought to get this name and information or even what kind of car he was driving, the only bad thing now is that he probably has my license plate number) I finally started my car and got to the high school, and for some reason he didn't follow me the whole way. I stood in the pouring rain as the police pulled in. I tried not to cry as I told the officer what happend. What was weird was that they showed up because the guy that rammed me appearently called them to say that I was running stop signs and stuff, which I wasn't. He mae that all up considering that I only came to one stop sign on my whole trip and I had to stop due to traffic. I would have been really upset if I would have gotten a ticket for something I didn't even do. Afterwards I felt so embarrased to go into school, I am sure that everyone saw me there with the police. Three cars showed up, a little overkill if you ask me.
Now I am just really worried that something bad will happen because that guy probably has my license plate number. At least I can say that I was not at fault. Idiots like that don't even deserve to drive.

Well, that was my tramatic moment, I feel a little bit better now that I have talked about it.


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This is going to be a short entry, all I want to say is that I am now a licensed driver!!!!!! woooohoooo!!!!!!
It's nice to be able to say that I can drive. Now I just have to learn to get used to driving by myself.

Leave of Absence

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I just read Karissa's entry about having to leave school for a little while. I know you are going through a hard time Karissa, but I'm glad that I'm not the only one to have to say goodbye for a little while.
Right now I feel like a failure, I didn't succeed in getting enough credits, due to having to drop a class, I can't get finanical aid, which means I can't get back to school until January. I feel frustrated and disappointed in myself. I looked so forward to coming back. I really enjoy school and learning. I hate that I once again have another set back.
If all goes well, I will be taking classes at a community college, and then coming back in the spring. Unfortunatly I had to push back my plans to study abroad. Hopefully I will be going in the fall of 2005.
Besides taking a few classes to catch myself up. I am hoping to get my license, pray for me on wednesday, and getting a better job that won't totally cut my hours. One good benefit I guess is that all of the other college students will be heading back to school, so I might find some decent jobs out there.
Also, I wanted to get this out now before I forget. Tiff - since I will be coming back to school in the spring, I will be able to go along on the habitat for humanity trip. I am hoping that you can keep me posted on what's going on. And if Cindy talks about spots for it, make sure she saves a spot for me. I am really hoping you read this. I think I also might get in contact with Carmen and a few others as well.
I will try to blog once in awhile, so I am hoping that Dr. Jerz doesn't totally kick me off of here. I will probably be taking some of your classes in the spring anyway.
I know none of you really give a fig about me but I figured that I would get this out there for more myself than anything.
Oh yeah, Karissa, I hope you will be able to work things out and come back too. You are a fun and inspiring classmate to work with. :)

Beach Baby in the Hurricane

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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in forever. I lead a very boring life, and most things weren't worth blogging. I finally encountered an experience worth blogging about, unfortunatly it was my vacation that was supposed to be at the beach last week.

What was to be my fabulous vaction turned into a big disappointment due to stupid hurricane charley. A friend and I went down to Myrtle Beach last thursday and had to leave 24 hours later. It was awful. The worst part was that I had never been to Myrtle Beach before. We didn't even get to do anything. It was even too ugly to go hang out on the beach.
One positive thing was that fortunatly after driving all night long to get to virgina, getting out of harms way we went to Kings Dominion. It was actually pretty fun. Another good thing was that I got sick in Virgina (that's not the good part) My feelings were that at least it was in Virgina and not at the Beach. I might have to post our old fasion photo that we did. Unfortunatly since I'm not at school I can't use my scanner (I have to use my aunt and uncles computer while I am at home.)
After my friend and I had the worst luck ever, I don't think I will ever think of hurricanes or going to the beach the same way again. Has anyone else ever been evacuated from the beach before? If I go next year I am definatly going to request cancelling the trip before taking any chances. Does anyone else have any interesting stories to share, I would really like to hear them :)

Long Time, No Blog

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I can't believe that school is over for the summer, I feel like there is work I should be doing. I guess I won't have to worry about that too much longer since I will be taking a class in June. I wish I could take it now and get it over with.

Anyways, I'm glad that everyone seemed to get home ok. I left on Thursday, I had my mom and grandparents pack the van while I took my final. That was great, since we were able to leave right away. It's a four hour drive for me to get home (well, when my granparents drive :P)

I haven't really been up to anything special. I really need a life. All I will be doing this summer is working, going to class, and trying to get my drivers license, my one goal.

I am going to try to blog. I don't have the internet at my house (I'm actually at my aunt and uncles house, using an old computer and dialing up :(, oh welll)

Hopefully I will have some really fun and interesting things to tell everyone :)

Ok, I saw this on Dr. Jerz's blog a couple of days ago, and ment to join the game, but Karissa and Julie beat me to it, so, I'm joining in a little late. :)

And since it had been Nick's operation, and his call to send in relatively inexperienced agents, he'd accepted the blame.
~ from Mad About Mia by Millie Criswell

Here are the rules:
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of this sentence in your journal along with these instructions.


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Like fellow blogger, Amanda, I spent some time watching movies over break. I love movies, what's better than sitting in the theater, or your own living room and eating some popcorn and drinking soda.

I saw:
Bruce Almighty
Under the Tuscan Sun
Down with Love
Bridget Jone's Diary
Freaky Friday
Alex and Emma

I was really surprised how funny Bruce Almighty was. It really had a good message. Start focusing on others and less of your self.

I was really disappointed when I saw Bridget Jone's Diary. The book was so much better (but that's not much of a surprise there) They left so much out of the movie. They even changed the ending a little. I hate when producers do that. I guess they think it will make the movie more appealing.

I was really impressed with chicago. Especially since all the actors and actresses did all of their own singing and dancing. I think that it's so cool that Katherine Zeta Jones has such an awesome voice for jazz. I love Richard Gere's tap dance. All I can say is that I was extremely impressed.

I love movies :)


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I got to thinking and I thought maybe I would share my pictures from my trip to Lee County Kentucky, Habitat for Humanity trip. I figured it would be nice to show a little of what we did during spring break.

Group picture - habitat crew.jpg
This is the whole Habitat crew, one of the rare times we were all together at the same time. We split up every morning and worked in different places. The group I worked with built a ramp, did some other random things, and helped paint a hous.

Toni - breaking cement step.jpg
My friend Toni is part of the before picture. When we first got to the house, it was just a step made out of cinderblocks. Toni started the process of breaking it apart.

Hammering ramp - chelsie, andrea, me, laurel, scott, herman.jpg
Yay! we finally had the ramp started. In the process Andrea and I both somehow managed to hit our thumbs, ow!

Andrea and Toni - working on the ramp.jpg
We are still building the ramp up! At this point we were almost finished.

Chelsie - bent over hammering ramp.jpg
Sometimes it was crazy how we had to get those nails into the wood. Go Chelsie!

Ramp crew - finished product.jpg
Here is our final product! This crew was wonderful, it was great working with them every day :)

Amber and Ashley - painting.jpg
Amber and Ashley came to the house with us to help us out.

Group habitat - painted on the wall.jpg
Not only did Amber and Ashley help paint the kitchen walls, but they painted our little sign too. Oh yeah, Chelsie designed this, and Amber and Ashley painted it :)

Group shot - natural bridge.jpg
If you ever go to Kentucky, go see natural bridge. It's a great place. I just though I would add a couple fun pictures in here.

Tree stump - carmen, me, and Natalie.jpg
We went to Brea Kentucky, it's a very nice place. Brea College has a beautiful campus down there.

Horse - visit to riding stable.jpg
Ok, I just had to add the horse. We managed to stop by a horse riding stable, unfortunatly we didn't get to ride. Oh well.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed :)


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Thanks to Amanda and her wonderful blog I can now upload animated things and pictures into my blog.

I thought it would be fun to add a horse, considering the name of my blog, the land of wild horses :)

Ok, this was just an added collection to the randomness :)

Ode to Ramen Noodles

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Swirling, Curling, flavored noodles;
boiling over the stove.
It's 3:00, I'm still awake,
I'm hungry yet again.
Three minutes is too long to wait!
my stomach cries in vain.
Mesmerized by the long noodles,
sliding into my bowl.
Slurping up each noodle,
I sigh in content and smile.
Pondering which flavor will be next,
maybe chicken, maybe beef, or maybe even shrimp
Oh those ramen noodles,
what a snack!

Diamond Age

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I was reading Tiff's site and I got to thinking about Diamond Age. I have to agree with her. It's really not that bad of a book.
When I started reading it I was really fasinated by the Lady's Illistrated Primer and Nell herself. Every time I read I am very tempted to skip ahead to her part. I love that even though she comes from a horrible background, she has this wonderful book that is teaching her about things and how to do things and the such.
The other thing that I find really interesting reading about in the book is Miranda. When I was little I always wanted to be an actress. To this day I still have a fasination with acting. One thing that I found really interesting, and I would have to say one of my favorite parts in the book, is that Miranda is the one that is the illistrater for Nell's book. I love how they are tied together.
Besides the fact that finding out how Miranda and Nell are connected, my one of my other most favorite parts is when Miranda tells Nell Dinasaur's story. I anticipate hearing about the rest of the night friends.
Even though I don't find Judge Fang and Hackworth that interesting, I really like how things are starting to tie together. I also think it would be really neat to see if Nell grows up by the end of the book.
Even though this isn't my favorite type of book to read, its always good to read/try everything at least once.


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Standing on the outside,
looking in.
Loneiness seeping,
into my skin.
Trailblazing tears,
roll down my cheeks.
Twisted insides,
I may as well die.
Shamefully wipeing,
away the hurt.
Never accepted,
for who I am.
Standing on the outside,
looking in.


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Yesterday was spring, today is winter, will tomorrow be summer?
I hate this time of year I don't know about the rest of you but this is when I get sick, or least get terrible colds that just won't go away, all because the weather keeps changing so dramatically. So yes, I have a bad cold right now. I am hoping the weather picks a season and stays there for awhile, as long as it isn't winter. :(
They say that March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb. I'm really hoping that it goes out like a lamb because I am so ready for spring.

Spring Break

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Yeah, I know its getting a little late to write about spring break. I went to Kentucky (Habitat for Humanity) over break. It was a really great week, yeah there were a few bad moments, but that happens.
Anyways, the 20 of us were split up into three groups to go off and do our own projects in which were assigned to us. I worked with an amazing group. I"m sure everyone felt that way this past week. There was so much wonderful teamwork and camaraderie going on. The first two days we built a ramp for a guy who had cancer. The sad part was that after we built it we found that that this man (he had been in the hospital will we were building) was probably not going to be coming out of the hospital. A lot of us were extremely sad about this and some what disappointed. One thing that I am glad about is that our work didn't go in vain. His parents live in this house as well, and they are getting on in age, so it will be a good use for them.
All 20 of us stayed in a renavated jail, haha, we were in the slammer for the week, quite the experience. There were only three showers in the place and only two actually gave out hot water. Everyday was a race to the showers. It definatly interesting. I think all of us learned to value our own hot showers back at home and school.
One of the best experiences during the week in Kentucky was when we went to this place called Natural Bridge. I was made from wind and rain. It was just an awesome experience. I can't wait to get my pictures developed to experience it all again.
Yeah, what I found very funny is that I managed all week to stay away from injuring myself. We came back last Saturday and I managed to sprain my ankle (hense to why I have been limping around all week.) Yeah, I was with a guy friend of mine, who I happen to like and I fell and felt so dumb. Since we were walking alway to Browlee to watch a movie I had to be all tough and not cry. Next time I fall hopefully nobody will be around for that.
Anyways, I think I have really rambled myself into a long blog. Maybe I should keep it up.

Valentine's Day

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Okay, so I haven't written (blogged) in a long time. Half the time I'm not even sure what to write, but today I got to thinking about my valentine's day.
My day was ok, considering I hate valentine's day, always have and probably always will (or at least until I have a valentine/sweetheart-whatever you want to call it), but anyways, my Valentine's Day was ok. It was started out by a nice brunch with a friend and then I went on the mall and movies trip with friends. We saw 50 First Dates by the way, and I totally recomend it, I really loved it.
Afterwards, my friends and I ate dinner together and then I went to another friend's room and watched inuyasha (japanese anime) for the evening. That was a good way to end the day, considering that I just totally love that show and can't get enough of it. Yes, I lead a pretty sad life. I am entertained by japanese anime. Maybe sometime I will write a big article about it, hmmm, thats a good idea.
Basically my point was, it was nice spending this day with my friends even though I don't have a sweetheart. I really appreciated the fact that Tiff wrote about how Valentine's day really came about. I don't like that it was turned into a big commericalized thing only for lovers, when in reality it was made for friends :)
Okay, thats enough babbling for now. I hope no one minds my mind wonderings.

A Shiny Red Bike

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Here is a story I wrote last semester for my creative women writers class. I wanted to put it in extended entry but couldn't figure how to do it, and for some reason when I tried it, the blog wouldn't let me do it.

The Shiny Red Bike by Me
“Ladies and gentlemen it looks like the war is going to be over soon. Don’t forget on this beautiful day in 1944 that our gas is being rationed.” The radio announcer warbled.
James walked into the kitchen carrying a bucket of vegetables and placed then next to his sister Elizabeth, who was helping to prepare dinner.
“Mom, will we get to go for a ride any time soon?” Elizabeth said, looking across the table to her mother.
“I know how to fix that problem. I’m going to buy myself a bicycle.” James quickly intercepted.
“And where and how exactly are you going to get this bike James.” Elizabeth looked smugly at her brother.
“Well, just so you know I saw a great looking bike in town for sale for only seven dollars. I plan on maybe asking the neighbor if I can do some work for him.” James answered.
“Oh!” Was all Elizabeth had to say.
“James, I’m proud of you. I’m sure, Farmer John will be grateful for your help.” Their mother said, smiling at her son.
“Thanks mom! I think I am going to go over and see him right now.” James shouted as he ran for the door.
James raced over to the farm next door. He quickly told the busy farmer his intentions. They decided that he would mow the lawn, feed the chickens, take care of the pigs, lead the cows to and from the pasture in the mornings and evenings, and muck all of the stalls. He would receive one dollar for working every two days. He figured it would take him a month or two to make enough money for the bicycle.
For two months James was up every day at five in the morning. Twice a week he would be running to the farm to take the cows out to the pasture. Afterwards he would quickly feed the chickens and then mow the lawn whenever it was needed. He would spend a good deal of time mucking the stalls. It might have been a dirty job, but he knew that he really wanted that bike. Usually he would run home and do whatever chores he needed to do for his mother. Most of the time she had him mow their own lawn or work in the vegetable garden.
At the end of the two months he finally held the seven dollars in his hands. When he went to his parents, they drove him into town, since it was a special occasion to buy his bicycle. When he walked into the store he spotted the red bicycle he had been eyeing two months before.
“Dad, this is the one I want!” he said, walking over to the bike, sliding his hand across the smooth handlebars.
“Alright son, I’ll carry it out, you go ahead up front and pay for it.” His dad answered.
He quickly paid for the bicycle he had been longing for, for so long. As soon as he arrived home, he jumped on his bike and quickly peddled away, but not before his mother could holler after him.
“Don’t forget to be back to do your chores before supper.”
He raced down the road, pumping his legs as fast as he could. The warm air rushed past him as he coasted down a hill. He had to go show his friends his new bike. Riding down to creek where most of his friends met to play, he spotted a few of the guys splashing around by the waters edge.
“Hey guys, check this out!” he shouted to his friends. His friends watched as he cycled towards them doing circles and figure eights.
“Neat-o!” One of the boys yelled.
He showed off his bike for a few more minutes. His friends admired the fact that he bought it with his own money. For the rest of the afternoon they took turns riding his bike and playing in the creek. When the sun began to go down, James knew it was time to go home. He waved goodbye to his friends and rode home as quickly as possible. Upon walking into the house, he ran into his sister Elizabeth.
“Hey James, can I see your bike?” She asked
“Um…maybe tomorrow. I have to go do my chores now.” He left abruptly, hoping she wouldn’t continue to bug him about his bike.
As the evening wore on, James made himself busy whenever his sister was around. He was finally able to get away from her by going to bed. In the morning, he got up early, continuing his work for Farmer John. After he had lead the cows to pasture and had been working in his mothers garden for a while his sister once again approached him.
“Hey James, can I ride your bike. Come on, pretty please! I’ll do your chores for a week!”
“No, stop bugging me about it. Go ride your own bike.” He headed for the outhouse, any kind of escape would do. She followed him, still trying to get a chance to ride the new flashy red bike.
“Well, then I’m just going to go get it out of the shed. I’m not going to hurt your precious bike.” She moved away from him, heading towards the shed. Before she should go to far her foot clucked against the galvanized bucket that they used as the toilet during the night, when they didn’t want to run out to the outhouse. Picking up the now dry bucket she turned and looked at her brother.
“You’ll do no such thing.” He started to run towards her.
“If you take one step closer I’m going to throw this bucket over your head.” She shouted.
“Oh yeah, you wouldn’t dare.” He dared to take one step closer.
As he took the one step closer she quickly flung the bucket over his head and took off running towards the house, which was only a few yards away. Behind her James grew angrier. As he tried to yank the bucket over his head the handle got caught on his chin. By the time he got the bucket off of his head, Elizabeth was already inside of the house. He ran after her, anger burned in his eyes. Their mother, just happening to see the end of what had just happen advised Elizabeth to lock the doors, she had seen the anger in James’s eyes.
As he pounded on the locked door his mother hollered through the window to him.
“James you need to calm down. I will not allow you back into this house until you have calmed down.” She turned to a frightened Elizabeth. “You shouldn’t get your brother so upset. I was really afraid he might have hurt you. You should not have been behaving the way you were. I think maybe you need to go do a little thinking too,” She said, sending her daughter off to another part of the house.
In the meantime, James had stormily walked to the shed and pulled his bike out and took off. He took a winding dirt path. Once he was a good distance away, his anger began to fade away. On the way back home, he realized that he should apologize to his sister for being so angry, but he hoped that she would have an apology for him as well. After placing the bike back in the shed again, she went to the house and found it to be no longer locked. When he walked in, he found his mom first.
“Sorry for the way I acted mom.” He approached her.
“It’s ok hon, just don’t let your anger get the best of you like that next time.” She smiled and then gave her son a hug.
Just as he turned to go look for Elizabeth, she came walking around the corner.
“Oh, you are back. Sorry about bugging you about the bicycle so much. You were right, it is your bike, so you can do whatever you want with it. But I still would like to have a chance to ride around on it. I just won’t bug you about it anymore. Ok?” she smiled at her brother.
“Yeah, you are right. Sorry about the way I acted. Want to go play a game? Maybe I will let you ride the bike down to the creek later.” He replied.
They hurried off to look for their brother Richard, to see if he wanted to go play with them at the creek. Finding their brother, who was eager to join them, they moseyed down to play at the creek as if nothing had ever happened.

Writers Block

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I'm sitting here at my computer, practically banging my head against my keyboard trying to come up with a short story, or at least a short story due yesterday after noon. Lately I have been struggling to write, but nothing is coming together. Last semester Dr.Lynn told me I need to write about things I know, or experiences that have happend in my life. First of all, I lead a pretty boring life and I just cannot come up with stories that I did when I was little, happy or sad.
At first I contemplated, hmmmm, maybe I could write a story about how a couple of friends and I went ice skating our sophmore year of high school, and maybe tweek it a little. Maybe turn an ordinary outing to the ice rink into some romance by adding a couple guys into the picture. I even had it all worked out in my head. Then when I sat at my desk, first my mind went blank, then I just figured it just wouldn't work.
After that first idea, I thought maybe I would write some kind of story, which I am working on as of late (literally) about how I broke my arm while horseback riding two summers ago, and how I managed to gain enough confidence again to start riding again (actually I just started taking lessons, and I'm loving it, once in awhile I get really scared). My brain is still screaming NOOOOO!!!! at me. So I am planning to sit here and do an all nighter until I get this thing done, plus other homework. Maybe I should go take a break for awhile and do my Spanish homework, which I probably won't understand anyways.

Also, totally off topic, but why is that people feel that they need to brag to everyone (especially to friends who have no love life what so ever) about how many guys or girls are practically falling all over them. A good friend of mine braggingly(is that even a word?) told me how she is going to get all kinds of wonderful valentines day presents from guys who aren't even her boyfriend. Maybe I should tell her to tell them to send some love my way, ha! Oh well, just a thought. Now that I have vented a little, I will go off now to try to write at least part of my little short story. I'm kind of glad I'm an Insomniac, I will be able to stay up for a reason tonight!

Pro-Life Girl

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This past thursday I spent the entire day in Washington DC participating in the March for Life.
Eleven of us left here at 5 in the morning to go to travel with a bus load of people from St. Vincent. After traveling for several hours, we managed to get lost, but fortunatly managed to get to D.C. on time. In order to get to the spot where the march would begin I had my very first ride on the metro. Quite exciting, aside from the gental rocking, it didn't seem like we were moving at all.
As we arrived near the capital I was awe over how many people were there. Not only that, I was surprised to see so many colleges there. There are so many girls that I know that are pro-choice, they would have an abortion at the drop of a hat.
During the march people did cheers:
like one group of girls : what do we want - Babies!!
how do we want them - Alive!!!
Many people were holding all kinds of different signs. My friend Carmen held a sign in which said Life is Precious with a picture of Gollum on it.
It was amazing looking ahead of our group and behind the group and seeing an endless sea of people.
After walking a mile and becoming totally numb do to the cold we ran for the bus. What was great about the ride back was that people actually brought movies along for entertainment. It made the hours fly by so much faster.
After getting back here at school after 11 I fell exausted into bed, having been up since 3 in the morning.
Even though I missed classes (something I never do), I'm glad I got to go. It was cool to be out there with all of the other pro-lifers standing up for something I believe in.

A Broken Heart

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Hey all, this is something that I started writing back awhile ago. It's not totally finished with it Once in awhile I will sit and try to write a poem, especially when I a m sad, so here goes some effort to my poetry.

A Broken Heart
My heart's shattered pieces;
Fall into my hand.
I watch in horror;
As they begin to bleed.
Blood pools around my feet;
My heart was once filled with joy.
Just to hear him speak;
Sent it into a flutter

If you are reading this, tell me what you think, just don't be too harsh. Writing creative stories is more my thing :-)
Here are a few of my favorite poets, Emily Dickenson, Longfellow, Robert Frost
Read and Enjoy! :-)

Man, do I feel dumb, some how I managed to put my new entry in the nmj site, oh well, at least i'm laughing at myself and my dumb mistakes, well, have fun reading both sites. I think I will go hide for awhile now. ;-)

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