Looking through Different Lenses

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Dr. Jerz's continued lectures on mirrors, window, and lenses have made me evaluated if I do indeed use all three methods in studies (and not just from this class).  I did enjoy learning about critical theory.  As a scientist, it is a struggle to always balance the scientific method and religious faith; however, I have realized that science has only strengthened my faith and not hindered it.  The best example that I can provide is from my chemistry teacher.  Carbon dating was used in 1988 to date the Shroud of Turin.  The age of the cloth was determined to be only 600-700 years old.  Does that disprove that the cloth was not the authentic burial shroud of Jesus?  No because only the outside corners of the cloth was tested.  There is a story that the cloth was in a church fire around the dated timeframe and that it had been repaired.  In this story, faith was questioned; however, even if the cloth is truly only 600-700 years old, that does not make people immediately disbelieve in their religious views.


College instruction depends on theory because it demonstrates how people view the world.  My exposure to advanced concepts in Biology and music affects my approach to intellectual life because it challenges me to look differently at and appreciate other people's views and modify my own theories accordingly. 


If I were to theorize Assassin's Creed, I would say that the game makes the claim that killing those who oppose God's plan is justifiable in order to do God's work.

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