April 27, 2004


I can't say anything literary about W;t right now but after the class discussion and everything I'll add to this

Right now this is just my thoughts about the play and main character:

Okay even after class I haven't really came to any other conclusions. Oh well lots to think about

At first the play did barely anything to me. I really didn't see why we were to read it but of course I read it anyway.

I really like the flash back scene and how everything kind of didn't stop during the whole thing. That kept the play moving a little more that most do.

The whole thing with her dieing and not having any visitors kind of really upset me. I'm not sure why though. The end was the worst part for me. When her former teacher came to visit and she refused to let her recite for her.

Out of the whole play I think the last few scenes were the best especially the lines before she passed on and after the story is read: "It's time to go. And flight of angels sing thee to they rest." That broke me quick. Through out the whole play I felt kind of put back from the main characters.

What do you think?

Posted by Tam Moon at April 27, 2004 01:24 PM
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