April 27, 2004

Into the Diamond Age

I know I already posted something on the Diamond Age but I need something for the portfolio.. Enjoy....:)

At first I really didn't understand the whole of the story. Something about it really didn't mesh with what I was used to reading. I basically read combinations of different types of stories: Romance with some si fi, Comedy with a little tragedy. Stuff like that. But this was almost the type that I was trying to create, something with everything.

Some parts of it were very humourous and some were so full of dramatics it was funny.

Most cites that I looked on about the story said that they didn't like the ending... Like people in the class they thought that the abrupt stop was really not a very good thing to have placed in this detailed of a novel. Because of the use of all of the characters and not ending them really miffed people. But if you think about it. The story was really about Nell.

It started off saying stuff with how SHE recieved the Primer, how it was created and how it ended up with HER. Which led to how SHE grew up with the Primer and how the other people who had the other copies of the Primer interacted with HER.

I do see other people's points about the other characters but if Stephenson had finished everyone's story then there would be no end to the story. I do believe that a story should have a breaking point.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as they believe what they think. Honestly I truely belief in this. I hope everyone's points have some ground to them... Enjoy the summer!

Posted by Tam Moon at April 27, 2004 04:12 PM
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