October 27, 2003

Hud horrors

This is not anything special I am just really ticked off about this whole thing. Right now my family and I are in the process of moving out of a really bad apartment building in Lower Burrell. The new owners have practically left the place go. If its not the neighbors its the shower.

In this process we have to go through Hud and Section 8. Neither really want us to move even though the place is not really fit for any family to live in. We requested a list of open houses available for rent. What do they send us a enormous list of apartment buildings and like two or three houses. What do they expect us to do live in separate apartments. None of them have more than one bedroom. Yeah sleeping in the same room as my dad, that 's just what i want...

So we finally find a place after a year of searching endlessly we find someplace. The only thing is that the school is almost ten miles away and they offer no buses. Which means my little 15 year-old sister has to walk to and from until we can afford to either provide her with a ride or get her a license and a car of her own. Now does that seem far? I didn't think so. I am not too thrilled about this. I really would like her to stay in Burrell if at all possible. But I have no idea where to start looking.

Westmoreland county hud and section 8 do not have websites or email addresses for information so internet is out. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I would really appreciate them!

"Call- click- or stop in!"
shu ext: 2108

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October 25, 2003

forced blogging

This is my forced blog entry on the article Trend to live together, not marry, puts kids at risk its finally letting me post it!

For those who do not know we are currently reading a book called 'It ain't necessarily so' which describes some of the ways the news media tells things about the actual news. Basically what is printed or said may not actually be the truth. Some of the facts and firgures may be swayed to make things look better or in most cases worse.

This article was actually relevant to my life because my mother and father were never married...but I won't get into that right now. The aricle states alot of figures: More than 40% of all live-in households in 2000 included a child under 18, up from 21% in 1987, according to the latest U.S. Census figures." You tell me if they are trying to make it look bad

Now they say the government is trying to play advocate for marriage in a church. Umm excuse me isn't there such a thing as separation of church and state? They even declared a week for it! Its called the Marriage Protection week Until Bush got into this everything was fine and now the papers are making a mountain out of a mole hill. (Pardon the expression).

Now I can see that there is a small problem over this but not as much as this article is trying to put past us. For one children from homes that have two people living together that look like they are married are not more likely to have emotional disorders or anything along those lines. Then there is the parents themselves, the article says that a woman in such a relationship is more likely to get depression. Um I have not seen this in any of my family members. One thing I ask is, Does anyone actually ask the children? I mean no one has said anything to me.

One positive thing they said in the article was that there is a commitee for the study of this through a college. Great at least someone who may be able to make sense of this will. I could only find their goal statement. If anyone finds their actual webpage tell me please!

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October 20, 2003

Home work`

Why was a report about sperm count printed in a news article instead of a medical magazine?

If a story of someone being raped comes out because the person was drunk or something wouldn't that be clouding judgement in their case?

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October 15, 2003

What's in a gender title?

Words that describe a lady have been used for years but have you actually looked at what they are... Most that I have found has a male influence within them.

What is truly in a title...? Think about it, lady, female, woman, she, etc... Is it just me or is there a pattern starting here? I'll tell you what it is, in every one of those general terms for women, and most all of them out there to be exact, has a reference to a man in the meaning for a woman! Who's coming up with this sexist crap?!

If you look up the word woman in the thesaurus you will get every term for one you will also get the antonym for man... How ridiculous. That is the only thing I can think of that may help in showing this attrocity to others. There is something online that may help.

Another interesting thing I found from an online dictionary. Some of the meanings in this is making me soooo mad!

Feel free to trash anything I have written. Here is a list of some that I have found please add if you can


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October 09, 2003

Belated Newspaper Assignment

I don't like news never have. Nothing but horrid things go into it. I usually only watch the weather channel if I want to know what it is going to like outside. But since this was an assignment I'll grit my teeth and bear with it.

Actuall I really enjoyed at least one article. If your interested please take a look. There is even a picture.

It's the Tribune Review from Tuesday Oct 7, 2003. This will be no hold back so some one might get a kick out of it.

FBI secretly funded Hamas in 90s

"The FBI secretly funneled money to suspecte Hamas figures to see if the militant group would use it for terrorist attacks." Um excuse me but why would you chance it? There are Israeli lives at stake here! Janet Reno is a real loser if you ask me she's the one that gave the okay for this [attorny general]. Several thousand dollars that Amerca could have used was sent to these terrorism suspects just so they could "track the flow of cash through terror organizations." Never resulting in prosecustions! GRRRRR!
"'This was done in conjunction with permission from the attorny general [Janet Reno] for an ongoing operation and Isaeli authorities were aware of it.' the bureau said." Who really cares if they knew! I don't, they were using money that could have been spent on Medicare, Social Security, and SCHOOLS!
"The amounts were kept small, usually just a couple thousand dollars, so it couldn't be used to fund a major attack." My butt. They had no idea what they were going to do or what they already had invested! Major risk factor to me. Not low enough to allow them to do this.
They were not able to contact Reno. I wonder why. She needs a good hard kick in the butt! Never publicly taking credit for the things she does unless the world is happy about it.
I refuse to read on. That was just ticking me off. And I don't think anything needs me ticked right now!

Sanctions against Syria Thumbs up.
"Bush administration refuses to criticize Isrealfor bombing." No duh! They're the one's tyring to bomb everyone so why not let everyone else do their dirty work. That's just less paper work for them.

Okay I just couldn't read anymore. But I did find an article in there that I seemed to really grab me.

It online so if anyone missed it here ya go

Postwar soldiers try to readjust
This is an article about a poor solider who has finally come home from the war. He doesn't want to be reminded about the things that happened back there but everyone is still hounding him! Everytime he, like everyone in the US, turns on the televison he is bombarded with stories about the war and what bad things have happened because of it.
Its heart breaking to see someone go through all this emotional distress just because of someone's stupid obsession over oil rights. (At least that's what I think this war has turned out to be since most everything else has been resolved). I don't want to exploit this poor solidier anymore than the media has so if ya want to read more be my guest

soldier post.bmp

This picture shows you the soldier and his family, his wife and his daughter, supposedly they are watching a movie he made while he was serving. If you didn't notice his daughter is way in the back right hand corner. What a way to depict one of the most couragous people anyone will evey know. To me it looks like he just had a few beers and they told him that they didn't think they were going to put this in the paper.
What person in their right mind would allow themselves to be pictured publicly with a cigarete in their hand and so distant from their family. Especially since he just came home and they haven't seen each other for a while.

I'd like to hear what other people have to say about this picture. If you don't want anyone else to know what ya said just email it too me. The only way anyone else would know is if I really liked it. Even then no one would know it was you. Happy blogging.

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SUVs and terrorirism linked?

I was just reading an article about how a couple of television companies have refused to air some of the new SUV commercials because they link SUVs and terrorism.

Here's the deal there are 2 commercials and they both have been banned.

One: Has someone pumping gas into their SUV. While in the backgroud someone is saying how everytime he fills up it helps fund terrorism.

Two: Some SUV owners are proudly anouncing they are responsible for blowing up some dance clubs and putting American lives at risk.

I can't believe this. For one they are trying to bad talk SUVs. At least that is what I get from it. Another but much better not in my book is they are so burning Bush because of his "big oil company" thing...

"'We're asking the public to connect the dots between our behavior as consumers and national security,' Huffington said. 'We're not trying to demonize SUVs.' "

It was a really short article but I found it rather interesting. Enjoy.

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October 04, 2003

Final say on textbook censorship

Okay here is a little more information about this. Not everything I know or will know will be posted here. If you wish to read on please contact me at moo2475@acad.setonhill.edu and request my future article. The one I am working on for our assignment.

Isn’t text books supposed to be the tools for students to start their journey on the most amazing adventure they can possibly go on…learning? Why are their people trying to keep the most important facts out of the books? There are groups out there that are telling textbook authors that they will not allow their states to buy their book if there is even the simplest discrepancy!

Certain states have policies that allow parents and those who don’t even know the kids that are in school to dictate what textbooks are allowed to be purchased and used in classes within the classes of that state. This is called adopting…thank God they don’t have that here. Even with that these people are influencing our public and private school textbooks! Since the books are so expensive to create, the publishers sent them off onto unknowing states that allow any if not all books to used in their classrooms.

It is so ridiculous what these people try to keep out of these books. No, not try do keep out of the books. They are groups from feminists to the NAACP. None of which have the student’s education in mind, all they are thinking about is this is another way to make everyone stand up and pay attention to them and create a “non-racial” society. At least the NAACP is trying to make the world look extremely different in books than it actually is. They try to make it look like for every black person there is a white person, neither of which are the minority. The same goes with the people that do this with Latinos, Asians, and any other “racial or ethnic group”.

Isn’t America the land of the free and the brave. Well they are not allowing our children to be brave and these poor kids are not free. As soon as they get out of even class the sugar coated version of life goes down the shitter. NO ONE LIVES LIKE THIS!!! Not a single person lives in a community that there is an equal number of each race or even sex. I can’t believe people are actually trying to do this without being the ones that are teaching these poor kids!

I am a future teacher; my subject is one that may not be able to be tampered with. One anyway, the other only God knows what they do with it. Tearing apart classic literature to make it “easier to comprehend” may be one way. I ask why, then, would that literature be taught. if not to teach the student how to comprehend such.

Partial Lists of Textbook taboos *

Banned Words
able-bodied is now a person who is non-disabled
We are no longer Americans from America but people of the United States
baseman is one an infielder
Black is banned as a noun
bookworm must be replaced by intellectual
congressman is now a member of congress of representative
someone who is crippled is now a person with an orthopedic disability or a person with a mobility impairment
dogma is a now doctrine or belief
an extremist or a fanatic is now a believer, follower, or adherent
fellowship is now friendship
fairy is now elf
someone who is insane is now a person who has an emotional disorder or psychiatric illness
lady and ladies—can’t use at all
maid is now house cleaner
normal is now a person without diabilities
Middle East is now Southwest Asia
Mother Russia is now referred to Russia, a vast land of rich harvests
One-man band is now a one-person performer
Overcoming a disability cannot be used when referring to a person with a disability
pagan is now a nonbeliever
paraplegic is now a person with paraplegia
statesman is now a diplomat, legislator, leader, or public servant
suffragette is now suffragist
tomboy—is not allowed, no replacement
tribe is now ethnic group, nation, or people
waitress is now server
White/whites banned as noun
workman is now worker, laborer, employee, staff member
Additions from lecture
not allowed to use man/men
nothing with senior citizen—must be older/elder person
not allowed to be stereotypical about them ie: bad drivers, poor sight
not allowed founding fathers—now founder
not allowed:
mankind, manmade, or freshman

Phrases, Usages, Expressions
Cannot refer to animals as his, her, or she, but rather as it.
cannot compare humans with animals
cannot refer to mankind, great men in history
cannot use feminine pronoun when referring to countries and boats
cannot use: Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice
Girls/women can’t…
Women shouldn’t…
She acts like a lady…
She runs like a girl
Strong as a man…
He took it like a man.

Stereotypical Images to Avoid
Mother running a vacuum cleaner, cooking, doing laundry, carrying food; seeing father off to work; shopping; showing shock, fear, or horror; comforting children, giving sympathy, hugs, kisses, hot milk at bedtime; bringing sandwiches to Father as he fixes the roof

Father always driving the family car on outings; taking the children on adventurous outings; looking relaxed in trying circumstances.

Men and boys who are larger and heavier than woman and girls.

Girls playing house, playing dress-up, buying clothes, playing with dolls, playing with kitchen equipment.

Girls as frightened, weak; as gentle, silly, illogical, as nagging; as indecisive, uncertain, confused; as conformist, dependent, passive, cooperative; as peaceful, emotional, warm; as poor at math or science; as neat; as shorter, smaller than boys.

Pink for baby girls, blue for baby boys

Pioneer woman always cooking, sweeping, spinning wool, rocking babies, and riding in covered wagon while men walks

Woman as nurses, elementary-school teachers, clerks, secretaries, tellers, hairdressers, librarians

Men or boys in active, problem-solving roles; as strong, brave, silent.

Boys as strong, rough, competitive; as curious, ingenious, able to overcome obstacles; as intelligent, logical, mechanical; as quiet and easygoing; as active, brave, problem solvers

African Americans as great athletes, physically powerful; who have white features or who all look alike; with the same hairstyles and hair textures; in urban ghettos, in crowded tenements on chaotic streets, big bright cars, abandoned buildings with broken windows and wash hanging out, or living in innocuous, dull, white-picket-fence neighborhoods; who are unaware of their African heritage; in low-paying jobs, unemployed, or on welfare; in photos in the background or as the only minority in the photo

Native Americans living in rural settings on reservations; in low-paying jobs, unemployed or on welfare; with sameness of facial features, impassive expressions; with long hair, braids, headbands; wearing full headdresses feather, beads, buffalo robes, war paint, holding bow and arrows; hunting or in war parties or passing the peace pipe; Modern Native Americans working on ranched, in menial jobs, or doing construction work; Native American females sewing buffalo hides, grinding corn, carrying papooses

Asian Americans as “model minority”, repressed, studious; as frugal, passive, rigid, submissive, unathletic; as musical prodigies or class valedictorian; unable to speak English or uninvolved in mainstream America; working as laundry workers, engineers, waiters, gardeners, health workers; working at vegetable stands; Chinese people living and working only in Chinatown; modern Chinese women wearing high-collared cheong dresses; hordes of Japanese with suits and cameras; Korean Americans owning or working in fruit markets.

Latinos as migrant workers; who have broken English; Hispanics with same facial features, skin color, size, hairstyles, men with mustaches; unable to speak English or uninvolved in mainstream America; as clothing workers; as cleaning men/women; wearing bright colors, older women in black, girls in dresses; Mexican grinding corn; riding donkeys; employed in menial jobs such crop picking, delivering goods, waiting on tables.

Jewish people as diamond cutters, jewelers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, classical musicians, tailors, shopkeepers; always wearing business suits, glasses, and carrying briefcases; in urban tenements or in wealthy neighborhoods, with nothing in between.

Persons who are older in nursing homes or with walkers, canes, wheelchairs, orthopedic shoes, or eyeglasses; with gray hair or wearing worn outdated clothes; living with offspring or other relatives; fishing, baking, knitting, napping, watching T.V., whittling, reminiscing, or in a rocking chair; poor or living on welfare; senile, forgetful, or eccentric; cute, dear, docile, little, mid-mannered, spry, sweet, well-mannered; bitter, cantankerous, crabby, cranky, difficult; grumpy, meek, nagging, rigid, selfish, silly, stubborn; bored, dependent, inactive, sick, unhappy, weak, weary

Persons with disabilities as sinister characters (pirates, witches, criminals); as heroic, inspirational, or courageous because of their disability; “overcoming” the disability or achieving “in spite of” it

Miscellaneous: dumb athletes; skinny intellectuals wearing glasses; fat social misfits; old lady with twenty cats; narrow-minded, prejudiced working-class people; exemplary upper-class people of bygone days; Irish policeman

Where are the history representatives of the misrepresentation of the actual persons?!?

The lady the gave the presentation had to take out the word head because of the sexual connotation…like any young child would figure that out of a sentence like “He was patted on his head for doing a good job.”

Partial list of Topic to Avoid
behavior that leads to dangerous situations
bodily functions
conflict with authority
controversial people
creation myths that present alternatives to biblical creation
dialect—esp. black dialect
ethnic groups in desperate situations
evolution presented as fact rather that as scientific theory
fire hazards
lying or duplicity of any kind
poor nutrition

JUNK FOOD: bacon, butter, margarine, cakes, candy, coffee, condiments, corn chips, ketchup, pickles, pies, potato chips, salad dressings, mayonnaise, salad oil, shortening, soda pop, sugar, sweet rolls, tea, water ices, whipped cream
questions that ask kids to describe their feelings. Instead “How do you think a person would feel if…?”
references to Christmas, Easter, Hanukah, Halloween
stories about slavery

Not allowed to speak of magic ghosts wizards, trolls, vampires, astrology, or anything that has anything to do with paganism, witchcraft or anything that anyone could consider evil. Not even FAIRY TALES because they have a “satanic connotation”!!!!

*These are partial list from The Language Police by Diana Ravitch (Alfred A. Knopf, 2003) and from documents I (speaker) received from publishers while working on projects.

Some of these are also from the actual lecture so they are real and accurate. The lecturer is an actual text book author.

If you have any questions that may seem too personal feel free to email me. If not comment! U know I love them.

I may need some help with my article I would appreciate some volunteers from class. Just email me if you think you might like to.


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