November 08, 2003

AIDS deaths in 2003

I just thought this was interesting... The statistics for August 2003. I geuss they update it alot.

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Blog of the Day

I don't really have much to say about this blog but I do know that it relays news in a different way... The only bad thing about it is that it links to some things in Japanese and I am not too fluent in it.

I have another web log that I like to keep an eye on and respond once in a while...its called kicking ass. Its sponsered by DNC (Democratic National Commitee). It keeps me informed about some other people's opinions of President Bush, Democratic issues and what everyone has and can do to help win the election and get rid of Bush once and for all. I really advise a true democrat to check this site out...Sorry I couldn't remember the address but if anyone is interested I could find it real quick...don't have link on this computer.

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Blonds to Die out in 200 years

The article on blonds that was published on the bbc made a lot of people upset. But if you actually read the article it never stated exactly who the people were that did the research.

These researchers are from Germany. Isn't that were Hitler was from. Wasn't one of his goals to make blond hair blue eyes the dominate race/ Hummm.....

the only way that this would happen is if every single recesive gene were destroyed. I mean If I, a brunnete, didn't have a recessice gene for hair color there would be no chance that I
could have a blond child even if the father had this gene.

Take my sister for example, she is a brunnete as well, her child has blond hair. I know her father has the gene but I didn't know that she had it until the child was born. More than likely because she has one I do too.

As for this article there is no proof that there was even such a study done. What really got me was the fact that only one person was mentioned.v He even states in the article that the news is not news..."Genes don't die out unless there is a disadvantage of having that gene or by chance. They don't disappear" Let me see he is a dermotology professor...who likes to specialize in things dealing with the skin aspect..primarily Psoriasis, Phototherapy, Understanding variation in sun sensitivity, and Pruritus. Now doesn't that say something. A little bit after this was publshed a lot of people started to correct it

I found a site that seems to keep the "rumor" going. It lookds like someone didn't do their homework. I only found a professor of communications and a professor of genetics and snail biology... Still not very convincing...

My conclusion is that some people really want this to be true but it doesn't look like it is... None of the research from any sites that I have found that support the idea have really shown me evidence that is concreted. I guess that some people just don't like blonds.

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