February 01, 2004

First Attempt at flash...:(

Okay... I gave in, read some more of the flash fictions, and realized that it isn't as bad as I though.

I finally tried it. I actually liked writing. It gave me a faster way to get down what I was thinking. The stuff I write now, I can add details and everything later when I have more time...

Thanks Amanda, your comment made me actually want to try. :)

Quick note: I was really mad as some one but couldn't tell them face to face when I wrote this. Don't think too bad of me please... Enjoy..

A few droplets of crimson, puddles at her feet, silence. The constant bickering has stopped. Nothing now but the dark, the sounds of the furnace, and the knife. "Now I can get some sleep." the silence grows, "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?"

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