March 10, 2004

Life is Finally Looking Up!

Most of the time I have so much work to do that I can't seem to get it done in one day. Not now! I have finally finished (at least I think) catching up in my classes, my financial situation is finally okay, and my Mom is doing better than ever! I don't think anything can spoil my mood right now. I think it will stay for at least a few more days :)

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March 08, 2004

My attempt at writing a short story

Here is my first paragraph of my story... say what you will about it I'm not really sure what I want to hear.

In the land of Ireland small creatures with mystical powers of luck and wish granting exist. It is said that if someone were to catch one they would be offered their pot of gold. If that person accepted the offer the being would disappear, but if the person refused they would receive one wish since they do not let their human greed get the best of them. You see these creatures or leprechauns do not like what their human counterparts have become, so they reward those who have remained as they were. Leprechauns will not let greed establish itself within their hearts unless they have been touched but not caught by a greedy human.

*** If you really are interested read on if not don't bother I don't think it's all that great but I will post the rest of the story I will be turning in...:( ****

Warning it is rather long for a blog...

In history only one poor leprechaun was doomed with this fate. Damien O’Donald, had been strolling down the way going to a friend’s tree when such a human caught sight of him. Scared by the fact he was going to be caught, Damien ran as fast as his little legs would take him. Alas the human touched his hand. The only reason the human went after him was because of the fabled pot of gold. Poor Damien was touched by a greed infested human and could no longer surpass the urge of greed. He made it to his friend’s tree in half the time it usually took. “Flick! Flick! You got to help me! Flick, are you there?”
“Yeah, I’m here.” Flick opened the door and Damien burst through.
“I was touched by a human! What should I do?” If Damien had realized who he was asking he would have never said a word. Flick had just become old enough to be out on his own and had very little idea of how the world works.
Not knowing it was a bad thing that happened, he became overjoyed to hear that someone he knew was near a human. “What did it look like? How big was it? Can you tell if it was make or female?”
“Flick none of that matters! A greedy human touched me! Do you know what that means?”
“Um…not really.”
“It means I’m in a lot of trouble! I’m not sure exactly sure what’s going to happen to me but I know its not good.”
“Then you should go see Mr. O’Riely, he can help. He knows everything. I’m sure he’ll be able to help you. I’ll go and get him. I’ll go and get him. I’ll be right back.”
“Please hurry. I’m really scared.” Flick wasted not time, he ran as fast as he could until he got to Vincent O’Riely’s tree.
Damien was left all alone. The only thing he could think of was what was going to happen. Suddenly he realized Flick has a pot of gold. Frantically he searched the tree until he found it. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was as if he was looking at the greatest thing in the world, he never realized how beautiful gold was. He couldn’t help himself; he scooped the pot up and ran.
Flick was having a horrible time trying to find Mr. O’Riely and he was getting really tired for some reason. So he found a nice inviting patch of clover and fell asleep. By not it was around lunchtime so everyone in their village was making their way to the gathering hall, everyone but Damien.
As lunch progressed slowly each member became tired. The head leprechaun, Vincent O’Riely, noticed this and became really worried. He called all of his advisors together. “I think we have a problem here. The only reason all of our people would become tired right now is because they have lost their pot of gold. But how would they have lost them?”
No one wanted to answer because they had no idea what could have happened. Flick finally woke up and made his way into the hall. “Where is Mr. O’Riely? Can some one tell me where he is?” Everyone that remained awake pointed to his office. “Thanks.” He made his way to the back and burst through. “Sir! We have a major problem!”
“I know but how do you know everyone is losing their gold?”
“That’s not what I came here for. Damien was touched by a greedy human and we need to find out what to do.”
“That would explain everything. Do you know where he is?”
“The last time I saw him was at my tree. That was about an hour ago.”
“Here’s what we need to do. Flick you need to find him and take him to the fairy of the woods. She will know what to do. You might want to try at his tree. It seems like he may be running through the village taking everyone’s gold and hiding it somewhere. Maybe at his place, it’s worth a try. Good Luck.”
Surprised but determined Flick ran out and all the way to Damien’s tree. Not long after he arrived Damien showed up with some one’s pot of gold. “Damien I know what we have to do. You have to come with me.”
“You should come with me! There is so many pots of gold and we could have them all to our selves if you help me.” Flick had no idea what to do. He had to get him to follow but how.
“I know where there is a huge pot of gold and silver and even diamonds. Why don’t you follow me? I’ll take you there”
“Honestly? Alright lets go.”
“You have to bare with me since it’s a really long trip.”
“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s Go!” Flick was relived that it didn’t take much for him to convince him. They made their way to the middle of the forest. The whole way Flick was hoping that Damien wouldn’t see through the hoax. When they finally reached the place where the fairy lives Damien was getting antsy. “I thought you were taking me to the riches! This is still the forest!”
“Just wait we have to take to the fairy. She’s the one that has it. You wait here I’ll see if she’s here.” Flick ran into the hollow and found the fairy. “Miss, would you mind helping me?”
“I knew you were coming. It was a dirty trick you played on your friend but it will help me cure him. Bring him in here and tell him that I have it waiting for him. I will do the rest and before you know it your friend will be cured.”
“Thank you! Thank you!” Flick ran out and did exactly what he was told. They walked in and to his amazement the fairy actually did have what she said. Sitting in the middle of the room was a pot of riches bigger that than of Vincent O’Riely’s. The fairy took him aside and told him just to watch.
Vincent ran up to the pot and grabbed as much of it as he could. Wallowing in the brilliance. When suddenly a bright light appeared and everything disappeared including Damien. “What happened? Where’s Damien?”
“Your friend was controlled by greed. To the point of no return if he had not touched the riches that I placed in front of him he would have been saved. Since he did it showed that he was being controlled by it. The only thing that I could do was to place him in the thing he most desired.” She pointed to the single diamond lying where the pot was. “Your friend is now trapped in there forever. I am leaving it to you to keep it safe, if a greedy person touches it he will be released and reek havoc on your village again.”
“Thank you for your help. I shall tell Mr. O’Riely and hide it myself. Thank you again.”

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