April 28, 2004

Research Papers?

I'm not really sure what the research paper has taught me...

Before I did the research for this I was not sure where to even begin. What I was looking for was not even close to what my paper was going to be about.

I used google.com to try to figure out something. Low and behold I was looking in the wrong place for the wrong things. Sure I did find some things that help but not all of them were even worth looking at.

I didn't know what to do until I talk with Dr. Jerz. He reminded me that we needed peer reviewed articles and the place to find them was on ebsco host.

I think the main thing this has taught me is that not all sites are worth time for something along these lines.

Thanks Dr. Jerz!

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April 27, 2004

Things to make you Laugh!

are a few links just to make

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Into the Diamond Age

I know I already posted something on the Diamond Age but I need something for the portfolio.. Enjoy....:)

At first I really didn't understand the whole of the story. Something about it really didn't mesh with what I was used to reading. I basically read combinations of different types of stories: Romance with some si fi, Comedy with a little tragedy. Stuff like that. But this was almost the type that I was trying to create, something with everything.

Some parts of it were very humourous and some were so full of dramatics it was funny.

Most cites that I looked on about the story said that they didn't like the ending... Like people in the class they thought that the abrupt stop was really not a very good thing to have placed in this detailed of a novel. Because of the use of all of the characters and not ending them really miffed people. But if you think about it. The story was really about Nell.

It started off saying stuff with how SHE recieved the Primer, how it was created and how it ended up with HER. Which led to how SHE grew up with the Primer and how the other people who had the other copies of the Primer interacted with HER.

I do see other people's points about the other characters but if Stephenson had finished everyone's story then there would be no end to the story. I do believe that a story should have a breaking point.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as they believe what they think. Honestly I truely belief in this. I hope everyone's points have some ground to them... Enjoy the summer!

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English Anyone?

One of the assingment for EL150 is to tell what effect the class has on our major. Well let me think, I am an English major so it has a major effect.

I was hoping we would dig deap into literature and learn alot more about how to analyse it. But the way Dr. Jerz made the class helped more than the way I thought the class would be.

I was ready to sit through class after class of literature analysis but to my suprise and delight we didn't spend have the time.

In short I think this class has really given me a broader prospective on different types of literature. Embarrassingly I finally realized that a newspaper article is literature. So at least I can say I took something from this class.

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I can't say anything literary about W;t right now but after the class discussion and everything I'll add to this

Right now this is just my thoughts about the play and main character:

Okay even after class I haven't really came to any other conclusions. Oh well lots to think about

At first the play did barely anything to me. I really didn't see why we were to read it but of course I read it anyway.

I really like the flash back scene and how everything kind of didn't stop during the whole thing. That kept the play moving a little more that most do.

The whole thing with her dieing and not having any visitors kind of really upset me. I'm not sure why though. The end was the worst part for me. When her former teacher came to visit and she refused to let her recite for her.

Out of the whole play I think the last few scenes were the best especially the lines before she passed on and after the story is read: "It's time to go. And flight of angels sing thee to they rest." That broke me quick. Through out the whole play I felt kind of put back from the main characters.

What do you think?

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April 22, 2004

Blog Blues....

Everyone just take a deap breath... Don't worry it will be all over soon!

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Diamond Age and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

I know it's kind of late to be doing this but when I tried to write it before the site was down....

I really don't expect many comments on this one but I did want to let those who were interested read it... read on if you would like

During class on the 15th we read a poem and tried to tie the question to some one from the Diamond Age... Well when we were in groups I thought that the character that was most like the poem was Finkle-Mcgraw.

But after Jerz said something about what the actual question was "Do I dare/Disturb the universe?" another light bulb went off in my head... My assumption was close. He was trying to change the future in a way (through his grand-daughter) but the people that would most be discribed by this (in my mind) would have to be Dr. X and Judge Fang.

Both of them in some way tried to have a hand in what was going to happen. At first we only saw the way Judge Fang did this, leaving the book with Nell. Then all of the talk about how he was trying to raise a "more perfect" futrue through children. Dr. X's part didn't come in until something was said about the ships of girls.

I ask you... Which really dared to "Disturb the universe?" Just something to think about

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Plagarism Anyone?

I know there is alot of stuff going around about finding resources that are worth citing in a research paper, online. Not just for Jerz's class but for any other.

I found this very interesting. While I was searching through google.com I found 2 sites about the Diamond Age that I found very interesting.

The first one was from an free online encyclopedia. The article was really helpful for my project. It had alot of things we talked about in class.

The funny thing about the second one I found was that it basically had everything the other one had. Practically word for word! But this one was from Metaweb . It also has a link to the encyclopedia entry...hummm?

Tell me what you think... Which is the original and which is the fraud?

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