Poor Poor Edgar Allen Poe

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Wow, Valerie, great reading!! I really liked where you went with the whole necrophelia (probably misspelled)thing and tying it in with the whole gothic romance era. Such a great call on your part. It is definitely interesting to hear about Poe writing this about his child bride and I always thought that he was such a good husband until I read about his mistress! But, I guess nobody is perfect. Great Job!!!! 


Undine said:

Oh, Lord. Trust me on this one--Poe never had a mistress. (I assume you're referring to Frances S. Osgood.) That was a canard that got started only about twenty or thirty years ago.

Patrick Schober said:

I've heard word about Poe and a mistress, but it wasn't Frances S. Osgood.

Theresa Conley said:

Yeah, Patrick, I've definitely heard talk about a mistress numerous times and I know that the one poem that you read by him was about his mistress. Wasn't there a hidden message or name buried within the poem?

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